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Paul Telfer Joins Star-Studded Cast of "Audio Movie Event" 'Unsinkable'

Paul Telfer

Days of Our Lives' Paul Telfer (Xander) has booked an exciting gig. Per Deadline, Telfer will star in an "audio movie event" called Unsinkable. The production will depict the saga of the British ship MV San Demetrio during World War II.

Joining Telfer will be Succession star Brian Cox, Oscar nominee John Malkovich, Golden Globe nominee Harry Hamlin, Love Actually's Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and soap alum Blair Redford (ex-Scotty, The Young and the Restless; ex-Miguel, Passions).

Telfer expressed his joy at the project on social media, tweeting:

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Datura Studios and North Atlantic Ridge, along with B7 Media and AudioMarvel, will bring the audio drama to life. Datura worked with John Mawson’s North Atlantic Ridge to turn his screenplay, The San Demetrio, into an audio event. Mawson and fellow showrunner Misha Crosby will direct each of the 11 episodes with B7's Andrew Mark Sewell and AudioMarvels' Jack Bowman, who will co-produce and head up UK production. 

Unsinkable will recreate an "immersive blockbuster audio experience through sound," Deadline noted. Helping bring that to fruition is Academy Award winner Ben Wilkins, who will be heading up sound design and mixing.