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Perkie's Observations: Lulu Gets Devastating News About Dustin on General Hospital

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Lulu Spencer, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Emme Rylan, Genie Francis

In the aftermath of the bomb explosion, Dante calls 911. Julian returns to the scene of the crime, where he spots Danny's cap in the rubble. Cameron's leg is injured, but he manages to find a seriously injured Dev. Liz is fine, but finds Franco injured. Dante finds Lulu and Dustin. 

Laura tells Sonny that Cyrus is coming after her for a murder she committed as a teenager. Laura explains how she was involved with David Hamilton, and how she accidentally killed him. She says Cyrus has gotten a hold of the file and doesn't know why. Sonny says Cyrus wants to use the information as power over Laura. Laura thinks his interest goes beyond blackmail. The two get a call about the explosion. 

Carly asks Portia for an update on Sasha's condition. Portia's concerned about what Sasha ingested, and questions whether it was even cocaine. Portia says the drug was strong enough to give her a heart attack. Portia gets the call about the explosion and Carly heads to the scene. 

Everyone tries to stop Alexis from leaving the intervention. Molly gives an impassioned speech and convinces Alexis to stay. Diane speaks first, saying she loves Alexis and wants her to come back to her. Alexis thinks they're overreacting. They get the call about the explosion. Sam and Diane head out to the Rib. 

Valentin reads his letter to Alexis, saying she saved him when he found out the truth about Helena. He says Alexis is like a sister to him. Alexis finds a bottle of alcohol and complains about Jason and his dangerous life and Sam allowed Danny to be involved. 

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Carly gets to the scene and finds Julian with the cap. She demands to know if Jason was inside. Laura and Sonny get to the scene, and Mac tells them that only first responders are allowed inside. 

Dustin is taken to the hospital and Dante takes Lulu.

Sonny rides in the ambulance with Dev. Dev tells Sonny to apologize to Joss, then dies. Sonny heads back to the scene and tells Carly that Dev didn't make it. He tries to get a hold of Brando. 

Diane and Sam get to the scene. Sam freaks out that she can't reach Jason and Danny. Julian gives Sam Danny's cap. Carly, Diane, and Sonny try to convince Sam that Jason and Danny may have gotten out before the explosion. Julian has something to tell Sam, but she's too upset to listen. 

At the hospital, Lulu is told that Dustin is waiting for surgery. Dante checks on him for Lulu while she waits to be examined. Dustin makes Dante promise to be there for Lulu before he crashes and dies. Dante tells Lulu that Dustin died and gives her the ring he had. 

Liz tells Franco that he's being taken to surgery to drain the blood on his brain. She says the doctors may need to remove part of the tumor. Franco's worried that it will mean he'll go back to the man he used to be. He says he'd rather die and Liz needs to let him go. 

Jason shows up at the scene, telling everyone that he dropped Danny off at the Quartermaines (what a cop out).