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Perkie's Observations: Britt Makes a Deal to Save Brad on General Hospital

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Dr. Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kelly Thiebaud

Jason says he took Danny to the Quartermaines before the explosion. Sam complains that Jason didn't let her know he was safe. She gets even more annoyed when he says he's got things to deal with rather than go home with her. 

Brad worries that whoever tried to kill him will finish the job. Britt reassures him by saying he's safe with her. Britt tells Lucas that Brad is injured and he pops in. However, things are awkward. 

Julian wants Ava to take him to Wyndemere and hide him because he's a dead man. Ava figures out that Cyrus called in his marker. Julian admits that Cyrus wanted Jason dead and explains about the bomb at the Rib. Ava wants to know who was involved in the explosion. Julian admits Dev died and begs for Ava's help. 

Lulu talks to Dante about Dustin's proposal while waiting to be checked out for a headache. 

Maxie and Peter get to the scene. Mac tells them that Lulu and Dustin were taken to the hospital. Peter stays to investigate while Maxie heads to the hospital. Lulu tells her Dustin proposed before he died. Lulu admits she was going to back away from Dustin because of Dante. Maxie tells her to talk to Dante, but Lulu says she can't put herself through the pain of Dante leaving again. 

Alexis continues to drink and doesn't believe Valentin cares enough about her to sit and talk. Valentin says they have a kinship because they were raised by Cassadine wolves. Alexis and Valentin have a cute game of who's done the worst in their lives.

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Sam comes home and complains that Valentin allowed Alexis to keep drinking. Later on, once Alexis is asleep on the couch, Sam thanks Valentin for distracting her. 

Sonny, Carly, and Jason head to the hospital to find Brando. Cyrus tells Brando to find out who survived and who didn't. He doesn't look pleased to see Jason walk in. 

Carly tells Brando that Dev died fin the explosion. The two discuss Dev and Brando feels badly, though he barely knew him. 

Jason and Sonny meet with Britt. She tells Sonny while Brad and Nelle were initially working alone, Brad eventually got help from Julian. Britt also mentions that Brad was attacked by Cyrus' men. Jason figures Cyrus went after Brad as a favor to Julian. 

Britt tells Brad she made a deal with Sonny to protect him from Cyrus. Brad is upset, because he believes Sonny will kill Lucas' father.

Mac gets the preliminary report that the explosion was on purpose and not an accident.

Dante meets with Lulu. She tells Dante she loves him before she collapses.