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Perkie's Observations: Lulu's Medical Problems Swell on General Hospital

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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan

Dante gets an unconscious Lulu to Portia, who sends her for tests. Kevin calls Nikolas to have him come to the hospital. Ava gets upset with Julian, who's hiding out at Wyndemere. 

Liz finds Laura with Cameron, who's been hospitalized for his injuries. She says Franco's gone into surgery. Cameron asks about Dev and Laura pulls Liz aside to tell her that Dev died. Scotty offers Liz a shoulder to cry on. Liz tells Cameron about Dev's death. 

Carly tells Joss and Trina about Dev's death, and they're upset by the news. The girls want to see Cameron so they can all be together right now. At the hospital, the girls try to comfort Cameron when he blames himself for Dev's death. Trina says he needs to think about what to do with the second chance he's gotten. 

Portia tells Lulu's family she has a cerebral contusion, a traumatic brain injury which causes brain swelling. Portia says they're performing surgery to lift the skull from her brain. 

Sonny gets a call that the explosion was caused by a bomb. Jason heads to Wyndemere to look for Julian, but before he can find him, Sonny calls to let him know. Sonny believes a mob war is starting and wants Avery to come back to his home. Ava asks that Avery be allowed to stay at Wyndemere, and after conferring with Jason, Sonny agrees. Jason warns Ava to let him know if Julian shows up. 

Molly and Sam discuss Alexis' intervention and how she responds to Valentin. One of Sonny's men shows up to take Sam and the kids to Casa Corinthos for their protection.

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Sonny calls Carly to give her an update, but says he's not ready to send them away yet. Sam and the kids show up. Sam and Carly discuss things, which makes Sam wonder if Carly is fine with the uncertainty. Carly says it's the life she chose for herself and her kids. 

Jason shows up, which Sam is grateful for. Carly asks about the explosion and Jason confirms it was a bomb. He mentions the NSA will be all over this and it will point the finger at Cyrus. Jason believes he was the target. 

Sonny gets home and Sam says she thinks everyone needs to pack up and get out of town. Carly thinks they should stay. Sonny believes running sends the wrong message. 

Liz tells Scotty about Franco's tumor and how he's scared he'll wake up a different person. Lucas has news for Liz after the surgery. He says they were able to stop the bleeding and remove some of the tumor to ease pressure on his brain. Liz sits by Franco's bedside and talks to him, telling him he has to wake up and be himself. Franco does wake up. 

Ava is angry with Julian for blowing up The Rib, and for causing deaths and injuries. Ava thinks she shouldn't have helped him because it makes her an accomplice. Julian says he never wanted anyone to get hurt, he just wanted Lucas to keep his son. Julian puts all the blame on Sonny. 

Ava says everything Julian's done has come at a cost. She says he needs to either go to Sonny and confess or get out of town. Julian doesn't like those options, but Ava says it won't take long for SaSon to figure out he planted the bomb. Ava says she'll help him run, but if he doesn't she won't help him anymore. 

Portia tells Laura that Lulu is out of surgery and is in a coma. She says they won't know how things will go until the brain swelling comes down. Dante sits with Lulu and begs her to wake up. 

Lucas explains to Laura how traumatic brain injuries can be tricky. He tells Laura that Lulu's brain started swelling the instant she hit her head. Lucas says the injury got worse the longer Lulu didn't get checked out. He says her recovery will take a long time, if she recovers at all.