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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Spies Jake All Nekkid With Mayflower Kate

Brandon Barash, Lauren Koslow

Brandon Barash, Lauren Koslow

We begin our day in Salem with Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Jake (Brandon Barash) enjoying sleepy time after sexy time whilst ON A COT in Jake’s garage . . . that must be some solid pipe laying. Enter Gwen (Emily O'Brien), who still seems a bit saddened that Jake is spending nekkid time with someone else. Like a good schemer, she decided to use this new found information to her advantage. Soon after she leaves, Kate awakens and can’t believe that she's actually ON A COT in Jake’s garage. 

Side Note: Gwen uttering, “So it’s Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean you need to sleep with someone who looks like she swam over ahead of the Mayflower,” is one of the single best lines I have heard on a soap in a long time. LOVE! 

Chad (Billy Flynn) enters a dark room and finds Jake and Abigail (Marci Miller) in a nekkid, passionate embrace ON A COT in Jake’s garage. Hmmmm . . . surely this is a dream since I didn’t see a turnstile at the door. Chad awakens and shakes those vivid images away, but Abigail is not there. 

Downstairs, Abigail tells Gwen that she is going to see Jennifer Rose (Cady McClain) - the first time they will talk since she got drunk and acted a fool at her parents' anniversary. 

Jennifer Rose is still feeling the impact of Abigail’s drunken tomfoolery. She is at the Salem Inn and even the presence of her baby boy, JJ (Casey Moss) can’t lift her spirits enough to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Jack (Matthew Ashford) is doing his best to not succumb to the doldrums immersing Jennifer Rose. He heads to the Horton house with a bouquet of flowers and a hopeful attitude - until Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) opens and then slams the door in his face. 

That is the way our day began in Salem! What else in this episode had you dancing a nekkid jig or feeling like you woke up on a cot in a dirty garage? We want to hear from YOU! Sound off in the comments!