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Justin Gaston and Melissa Ordway Talk Getting "Young and Restless" on Screen

Real-life spouses Melissa Ordway (Abby, The Young and the Restless) and Justin Gaston (ex-Ben, Days of Our Lives) have teamed up on screen. Gaston recently joined Y&R temporarily in the role of Chance Chancellor, Abby's love interest. The duo spoke to TV Insider about going from real to reel lovers.

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Ordway dished:

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At first, we didn’t know what to expect. But this was the most fun two weeks I’d ever had at work. Justin and Melissa don’t speak to each other nearly as eloquently as the writers write for us!

Gaston added:

The first few shows, we were dipping our toes into the waters, but like Melissa says, it was fun. We had a good time. And we got to get married again. In real life, we didn’t write our vows as Chance and Abby do.

Gaston nailed his performance, Ordway said:

Justin had more dialog than what I normally have. He knocked it out of the park. There was never a take where he didn’t completely know his lines. Even Eric [Braeden] said, 'Can we just give Justin a round of applause?'