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Perkie's Observations: Julian Takes a Leap of Faith on General Hospital

William deVry

William deVry

Julian spots the gun in Ava's hand, but doesn't believe Ava would use it on him. Ava thinks Julian should pay for setting off the bomb. Julian blames Cyrus again, but Ava angrily reminds Julian that Cyrus is a lying liar and Julian had a choice. 

Julian says he's sorry about the explosion. Ava says things would have been better if Julian had told Lucas the truth about Wiley. Julian says he knows he's done wrong and plans on leaving. Ava raises the gun and says he won't. 

Sonny and Jason recount all of Julian's transgressions, and Sonny decides Julian has pushed him too far. Jason says Cyrus is the problem and not Julian. Sonny thinks they should get information on Cyrus from Julian, then they can kill him. 

Cyrus asks Portia for an update on Lulu's condition, claiming he needs to know that she's getting the best possible care. Portia reminds him of patient confidentiality. 

Dante and Nikolas continue to sit at Lulu's bedside while Laura has a flashback of Lulu as a toddler. Tracy and Kevin keep Laura company as she stays at Lulu's side. Tracy mentions that she hasn't been able to get a hold of Luke. Tracy's angry about Monica's dismissal and what's been happening at the hospital. 

Portia informs the group that a team from the long term care facility has arrived to take Lulu. Laura tells them it's time to say goodbye. 

Maxie offers Brando condolences for Dev's death. Cyrus tells Maxie about Sasha's heart attack. Laura tells Maxie that Lulu is being taken away and to spend time with her before she leaves. 

Cyrus offers his condolences to Laura and offers any help for Lulu. Laura smacks the taste of Cyrus' mouth. Laura says the explosion was caused by a bomb and once she proves he set it in motion, she will get rid of him. (Genie Francis has been kicking some serious ass these past two episodes.)

Curtis and Jordan fly to Mexico City to find out why Cyrus bought the medical supplies from there instead of the US. Once on the ground, the two head to the medical facility to look for information. Curtis convinces the people there to give him a tour, which gives Jordan time to download computer files. 

Julian begs Ava to let him walk out, but Ava feels Cyrus will continue to come after her and Lucas as long as Julian is alive. Julian says he's her family. Ava says Nikolas is her family too, and she loves him.

Ava brings Julian to the parapet and tells him it will either be her, Cyrus, or Sonny who will kill him. Sonny and Jason get there as she's about to shoot Julian. Julian uses the distraction to jump from the parapet into the water below. Sonny and Jason question Ava, who admits she planned on killing Julian herself. She says Julian's children are safer now. Sonny says this isn't over. 

Valentin brings Charlotte to the hospital for Lulu. Nina's there for moral support. Martin arrives, pointing out the irony of what's happened to Lulu, just when Valentin wanted to fight for custody. Valentin's not happy and fires Martin. 

Martin spots Cyrus and makes small talk, as though they know each other well. On the flight back home, Jordan checks the computer files and tells Curtis that she found one of the patients, who's last name is Gray. 

Sonny and Jason discuss how to take down Cyrus and worry that Julian may have survived the fall. Julian is seen, unconscious on the riverbank somewhere. (If the show says it was on the Pennsylvania side of the river......!!)

Tracy, Nikolas, Charlotte, Valentin, Maxie, and Dante all take turns talking to Lulu. Ava returns to the hospital to offer Nikolas support. 

Laura talks to Lulu, begging her to fight her way back. Lulu is taken away and Laura collapses in Kevin's arms.