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Perkie's Observations:  Tracy Returns to Support Laura on General Hospital

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Tracy Quartermaine, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Genie Francis, Jane Elliot

Alexis refuses to stay at the Corinthos compound and is disappointed with Sam for choosing Jason over her children. Carly wonders how Cyrus knew that Jason would be at The Rib. Sam mentions Cyrus being at the Metro Court when she was discussing it with Jason. Carly remembers the bartender being a new hire. 

Sam is upset over almost losing Danny. Carly tells Sam she knew about Jason's life before she had Danny and she needs to live with it. Sam isn't sure she can live with it anymore. Sam admits that when she first had Danny, she wasn't in the mob world and she liked it. Sam says her loyalty to Jason competes with her motherhood. Carly says the danger comes with the territory. 

Sasha wakes up and is surprised to hear from Epiphany that she had a heart attack because of the drugs in her system. Brando stops by to discuss her addiction. Sasha denies abuse, claiming she's an occasional user. Brando's aware of the signs since he's been there himself. He wonders if she's been scared straight and Sasha questions his interest. Brando mentions the explosion that killed Dev, and he explains that he needs to feel helpful. 

Olivia is determined that the Quartemaines will have a normal, traditional Thanksgiving this year because she promised Dante and Rocco. Alexis joins them and Ned asks her to stay sober. Olivia has also invited Robert and tells Ned it's for Alexis' benefit. Robert questions Olivia's motives, but she says she just wants him to be Alexis' friend. 

Laura calls Tracy to update her on Lulu's condition. Tracy says she's trying to get a hold of Luke. Nikolas tells Laura that Kevin is on a conference call with Patrick and Griffin, who agree with Lucas' diagnosis.

Nikolas offers to contact Lucky, but Laura says they can't wait for him. They need to make decisions for Lulu. (Well, at least the show mentioned Luke and Lucky, even if neither are returning. I also liked the nod of Patrick and Griffin.) 

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Dante continues to sit at Lulu's bedside, begging her to wake up. Laura wants to discuss Lulu's treatment with him. Laura says they need to send Lulu to a place where she can get proper care. Dante thinks Laura is abandoning Lulu. 

Ava wants to know why Julian left the bomb at The Rib when he saw the place was packed. Julian claims Cyrus gave him no choice and brings up Ava shooting Connie. Ava says she shot Connie to protect Julian. Ava's tired of Julian and says she wants him out by tomorrow. 

Ava heads to the hospital and gets an update from Nikolas on Lulu's condition. Ava is upset to hear that Friz and Cameron were at The Rib as well. Ava is even more determined to deal with Julian. 

Sonny and Jason confront the Metro Court bartender. After being roughed up, the bartender admits he told Cyrus where Jason would be. He also explains he made a call to someone to deliver the package. Sonny checks the phone and finds out that the call went to Julian. 

Olivia gets upset when she burns the Thanksgiving turkey. Monica says they're needed elsewhere and the Quartermaines head to the hospital to support Laura and Dante. 

Dante mentions that Laura wants to send Lulu to a facility. Michael reminds Dante of the time he spent away and how it helped him recover. Dante apologizes to Laura and agrees they need to do what's best for Lulu. 

Monica offers a Thanksgiving prayer and Ned brings the traditional pizza. Tracy arrives and gives Laura a hug. (That's where the show should have ended for the day.) 

Ava confronts Julian, with a gun at the ready.