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WATCH: Robert Scott Wilson and Cady McClain Tease Horton Christmas

Robert Scott Wilson, Cady McCalin

Nothing says "holiday season" like a Horton Christmas on Days of Our Lives! This year, things will be a bit different for viewers, with a fan-favorite face (Victoria Konefal as Ciara) missing and a new one (Cady McClain as Jennifer) present. Robert Scott Wilson, who portrays Ciara's bereaved husband Ben, and McClain sat down with Michael Fairman TV to tease a Horton holiday like no other.

What does Santa have in store for Ben this year? Wilson dished that the "reformed" serial killer might be coming to terms with his loss, saying:

He’s without a doubt missing Ciara, but there’s a faith over fear now. 'There’s a faith over fear now' is probably the best way I could put it, and again, they’re penning this—and I don’t know where it’s going, don’t know what’s happening; I truly don’t—but I do believe that we are nearing that Ben, of having that hope back and that faith back, and it will reignite him to follow his heart, like always. 

Wilson added:

No matter what happens with this guy, man, it’s always rooted in love. And when it always comes back to that place, there’s always room for growth, whether it be with his wife or with someone else or whatever it may be. There’s hope and there's faith back in him that was taken away previously.

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And Jennifer Rose probably isn't expecting a happy Yuletide, either. After all, her daughter Abigail (Marci Miller) recently spilled the beans that Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) had sex while Ms. Horton was in a coma! 

Can St. Nick work a little mistletoe magic on the Deveraux marriage? Contemplating the Horton holiday, McClain mused:

I think it’s just about home and family and the importance of that and how that is a foundation in all of our lives and how that reflects for her, what that means to her, in terms of her decision making. I think that’s the best that I can say without giving away anything.

Watch the in-depth interview below.