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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Thomas Has to Contend With Two Hopes

Matthew Atkinson

Matthew Atkinson

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is looking into faux Hope's eyes. He has something to say to her. Thomas admits it's time for her to go, but he can't take her back to Forrester. 

Faux Hope is not in the mood for Thomas to be rational. She moves toward him and announces that Liam (Scott Clifton) is the one who has to go. She tells Thomas to make Hope his. Thomas argues he can't just take the real Hope, but has to earn her love and respect. He decides that's what he'll do because Liam will eventually screw up and hurt the sainted lass. He wants to be a good father, and a good man.

Thomas questions why he's talking to something that's not real, but faux Hope insists that she is. Thomas realizes it all started when he hit his head . . . more than once. The mannequin moves forward and Thomas yells for it to stay back and leave him alone.

Just then, the real Hope (Annika Noelle) approaches Thomas' apartment. She stops when she hears him through the door. The mannequin presses Thomas to get rid of Liam once and for all! That gal just keeps pushing all of his buttons and states that Hope wants him.

Hope enters Thomas' apartment. She sees him yelling back at the mannequin whilst shaking her by the arms. Hope snaps Thomas into reality and tells him to let the mannequin go. Thomas is baffled by the cousins, identical cousins.

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