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Perkie's Observations: Cameron and Franco Share Their Fears on General Hospital

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Cameron Webber, General Hospital

William Lipton

Cyrus is there when Jordan and Curtis return from her "medical trip." Jordan says she heard about the explosion. Cyrus is hopeful that Jordan will be back to work soon.

Curtis and Jordan discuss the medical files they found on Florence Gray. The two head to the hospital to ask Portia to keep Jordan on her pretend medical leave. Curtis says they also need access to medical records from forty years ago.

Martin runs into Curtis and Jordan, who have an "aha" about "Mr Gray." 

Maxie and Peter welcome Finn home from the hospital. (So much happened with the explosion, I had totally forgotten that Finn was shot by Alex.) Maxie wants to know why Alex grabbed her. 

Anna says Alex wasn't always evil, but Maxie still doesn't understand why Alex was so obsessed with them. Maxie tells Anna what Alex said, about her and Peter being alike. Anna reassures Maxie and tells her to let Alex go. Anna talks about her wedding and how she and Finn have scaled it back. Peter and Anna share a hug and she's surprised when he calls her mom. 

Cameron pays Franco a visit. Liz explains how part of the tumor was removed with the hope that radiation will shrink it. When Liz leaves the room, Franco and Cameron admit to each other they're scared. Franco promises he'll fight this, but Cameron needs to promise to do the same.

Cameron tells Trina about Franco's tumor and how radiation may treat it. Cameron feels guilty that he's happy for Franco despite Dev's death. Trina says he can feel both emotions at the same time. 

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Martin tells Liz he has Franco's will, which was drawn up when he thought he was Drew. Martin tells her that Franco can dispose of it.

Carly talks about Dev's funeral arrangements with Brando. Joss and Trina go through Dev's things. (Already?? Geez, let the body grow cold first!) Joss offers Brando her condolences. 

Joss has a chat with Sam. She brings up the unfairness of Dev's death and wonders what it would be like if they were safe, normal people. Carly eavesdrops and hears when Joss admits how she pretends to be normal when she's in Australia with Jax, but is determined her life is here. 

Carly calls out Sam for talking to Joss, saying if she has issues with the violence to speak to her. Sam says Joss came to her to talk not the other way around. Sam doesn't know how to tell Danny the truth about Jason's life.

Carly says Sam doesn't need to tell Danny the truth if it will hurt him. Carly says she's learned to live that way and so can Sam. Sam says she needs better for her kids. Carly says Sam needs to tell their kids they have a mother who will always keep them safe and their father loves them, even if they don't know know what he really does. 

Jason tells Sonny they searched miles of shoreline and still didn't find Julian. Sonny is determined to find Julian if he survived the fall. Sonny says Sam needs to know that Julian almost killed Danny. 

Brando tells Cyrus he wants to get the person who killed Dev and questions if Cyrus knows who that is. Cyrus denies any knowledge and thinks he needs to reach out to Sonny. Brando calls Sonny to set up a meeting. Sonny says he wants Cyrus to meet him alone. 

Cyrus tells his minion that Taggert is alive and need to flush him out. Cyrus sends his minion out to find Trina. 

Cyrus meets with Sonny and offers condolences for Dev, but Sonny's not having it. Cyrus says he knows all the answers Sonny is looking for.