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Peter Bergman Talks Jack's Progress from "Bad Boy" to "Head of a Family"

Peter Bergman

The Young and the RestlessPeter Bergman (Jack Abbott) has had quite the on-screen year. After all, Jack lost his ailing mom, Dina (Marla Adams), and might still be getting over it. Having said goodbye to both his parents, since patriarch John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) died a few years back, he's the undisputed head of the clan. 

How have his losses helped Jack mature? Bergman told Soap Hub:

Jack started out as the bad boy scion to the family fortune. He’s learned about empathy from getting his heart broken and from failing to live up to what he thinks his father wanted him to be. He’s struggled through his relationships with his sisters [Ashley, Eileen Davidson, and Traci, Beth Maitland], and their mother leaving them at a young age. All of these things including his father’s passing, possibly the biggest single event in his life, have strengthened Jack.

Bergman added:

Jack has come to realize — like it or not – the torch has been passed to him. Was he ready? I think everyone has been surprised that he is. I’m really, really proud of all of the colors that were explored through this arc, the highs and the lows, all of the character flaws, the misunderstandings — all of those things are a part of who Jack is. Life has changed for Jack and I have to respect that. If I had my druthers, Jack’s always a possible loose cannon, but that’s not what the show needs Jack to be right now. It needs Jack to be the head of a family. Jack’s changed. Peter has changed. I’ve gotten to play a lot of different colors.