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Perkie’s Observations: Cyrus Blabs Taggert's Truth to Trina General Hospital

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Laura catches up with Curtis and Jordan. Laura wants them to find something that points the finger at Cyrus. Curtis brings up the redacted file that Cyrus wanted. Laura says the victim was David Hamilton and she was the one who killed him.

Curtis asks if Laura recognizes the name Florence Gray and at first, Laura says it doesn't ring any bells. Curtis says they traced the medical supplies to Florence. Laura admits her biological father was married to a Florence Gray.

Laura explains her history to Curtis. Curtis wants to find out if Cyrus has been taking care of the same Florence. Laura can't believe Cyrus would be connected to her bio father and his wife. Curtis says Laura seems to be at the center of it all. 

Jordan feels guilty for being out of town during the explosion. Portia reassures her and says if she was in town, Cyrus would have forced her to help by using TJ. 

Taggert meets with Carly and discusses Trina's security. Carly says Portia refused a bodyguard and Taggert is upset that Sonny didn't insist. Carly says Sonny is on his side and they’re united in getting rid of Cyrus.

Taggert is angry that Sonny hasn't taken out Cyrus yet. Carly puts the blame on Taggert and says they're helping for Trina's sake. 

To Sonny, Cyrus points the finger at Julian for the bombing, claiming Julian reached out to him to get rid of Jason. Cyrus claims he refused since he has no desire to provoke a war. After Cyrus leaves, Jason and Sonny discuss it, but believe Julian wasn't after Jason and didn't act alone. Sonny says Ava isn't hiding Julian and they need to find him. 

Trina's annoyed by Cyrus' minion until he mentions Taggert and how someone has information for her. Cyrus arrives, but Trina doesn't want to hear what he has to say.

Cyrus tells her that Taggert is alive. Trina gets angry and blames Cyrus for her father's death, but he says Taggert faked his death to protect her. Trina refuses to believe him.

Nikolas finds Ava, who’s introspective on the parapet. Ava's upset about the bombing and what happened to Lulu. Ava says there is hope that Lulu will come out of the coma someday, which is one less stain on the bomber. Nikolas wonders what Ava knows. Ava mentions Cyrus and Nikolas promises that Cyrus will die if he was responsible. The two discuss their marriage and agree that it’s real. 

Nikolas brings up Julian, but Ava says he's not a concern anymore. Nikolas pushes, so Ava admits that Julian is dead because of her. 

Julian breaks into Martin's office and explains that SaSon and Ava think he's dead. Julian says he needs help getting out of town. He wants cash and Martin's keys. Julian has an incriminating photo that he uses against Martin. 

Martin however, shows Julian a copy of Nelle's letter. Julian counters that Sonny will kill Martin if he finds out he knew the truth about Wiley and said nothing. Martin gives Julian a chunk of money and Julian is on the run.