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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas and Ava Come Clean and Move Forward on General Hospital

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Nikolas Cassadine, Ava Jerome, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, Maura West

Ava explains to Nikolas that she was going to shoot Julian, but he jumped from the turret. Nikolas thinks Julian survived the fall, but Ava says no one was able to save him. Nikolas asks what Julian did to make Ava want to kill him. She tells him that Julian was the one who planted the bomb. 

Nikolas gets angry that she hid Julian at Wyndemere. Ava says she didn't know the extent of his actions, but as soon as she did, she chose Nikolas. Nikolas says he loves her and is ready to move forward with her. 

Trina tells Josslyn about her meeting with Cyrus and how Taggert may be alive. Trina says she believed Cyrus. Josslyn thinks Trina's grasping at straws because she's so desperate. Trina says she has to find out one way or another. Trina makes Josslyn swear not to tell anyone. 

Carly tells Sonny that she spoke to Taggert and says he's going to be a problem. 

Sonny updates Carly on the Cyrus-Julian connection and whines that Julian knew about Wiley. Carly wants Julian to pay. 

Carly brings up Nelle and shows SaSon the necklace. She explains how Nelle was Nina's daughter. Carly says Jax knows as well. Sonny hopes Jax will keep his mouth shut and not tell Nina. 

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Nina checks in on Sasha, who downplays her drug problem. Nina tells her she cares, but Sasha needs to do better. Nina offers to be there for Sasha if she needs her. 

Nina tells Jax about her visit with Sasha and says she forgives her. Jax wonders if she forgives Valentin for his part in the lie. Nina says she understands why Valentin did what he did. Nina adds that she hopes her daughter had a good life, even if she won't be part of it. Jax suggests that it's time to stop looking. 

Britt confronts Lucas for his lack of empathy toward Brad. Britt defends Brad's actions, but Lucas isn't interested. Britt says Brad had help keeping the secret, but he was the one who took the fall. Britt claims Brad did it for Lucas so he could keep his family. 

Michael and Willow discuss their relationship and growing feelings for each other. Willow thinks the truth about Sasha and Chase changes things between them. Michael is angry at their deception and blames Sasha's downfall on it. Willow wonders what the sacrifice meant to their relationship. 

Willow says it's obvious that Michael still has feelings for Sasha. She thinks they need to figure out if those relationships are behind them. Willow doesn't want to jeopardize their friendship and Michael promises they won't. 

Chase asks Britt for Sasha's toxicology report to find out what she ingested. Chase tells Sasha the results show that the cocaine was laced with dextroamphetamines. He wants to know where she got the drugs. Chase feels badly that he didn't see how much Sasha was in trouble. 

Chase tells Sasha that Willow knows the truth, which makes her mad. Sasha wonders if Michael has forgiven her since he spent the night at the hospital with her. Chase tells her that the Millow marriage is now real. 

Michael stops by to see Sasha. Chase heads over to see Willow.