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Perkie's Observations: Sam Tells Jason to Take a One Way Trip on General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

Kelly Monaco

Jordan plans a romantic Mexican anniversary dinner for Curtis. Jordan is still upset that she hasn't been able to stop Cyrus yet. Curtis reassures her that she's made the right decisions all along. 

The teens head to the hospital to find out the truth about Taggert. Trina wants to see his medical records and convinces Cameron to login through Liz's account.

When Trina steps away, Joss asks Cameron if he believes Taggert could be alive. Cameron (who's own brother returned from the dead) says he doesn't believe it. Joss says it's a cruel thing to say, but she would believe it if someone told her that Morgan or Oscar were still alive because she wants them to be. The two agree to help Trina find the answers. 

Trina questions Epiphany about Taggert's death to help fill in the blanks. Pif says Trina needs to speak to Portia, then spots Joss and Cameron with the laptop. The teens make excuses and head off, but Epiphany double checks the records. She sees they accessed Taggert's file. 

Sasha's released from the hospital and Epiphany tells her she needs counseling. Sasha just wants things to return to normal. 

Brando wants more responsibility from Cyrus, but he's not happy with how Brando handled the Sasha situation. Brando reassures Cyrus that Sasha won't squeal on him. Cyrus says addicts are easy to train, but Sasha won't be and tells Brando to keep an eye on her. 

Sasha shows up at Cyrus' to tear a strip off of him for not even visiting her in the hospital. She says she thought they had a connection. Cyrus asks for a second chance, which Sasha accepts. After Cyrus leaves, Sasha tells Brando to help her look for the drugs she was given so she can take them to the police. Brando refuses to help and tells her to leave it alone. 

Jason tells Sam that Julian planted the bomb and explains the entire story. Sam gets upset even more when he tells her that Julian has vanished. Sam doesn't understand why Julian was living this lie and says mobsters don't get happy endings. 

Sam questions Danny on his feelings and he admits he's not happy that Jason always leaves and how his school friends are afraid. He says he wishes they had a normal family.

Sonny bumps into a nervous Martin and wants to know where Julian is. Martin denies any knowledge of his whereabouts, but Sonny pushes it. Martin admits that Julian reached out for help. 

Sonny updates Jason that Julian took Martin's car, and now they need to find him. Jason agrees they need to take Julian alive so he can turn on Cyrus. 

Martin lets Cyrus know that Julian stole his car and took off, and now Sonny knows about it. 

Jason heads home to grab his go bag and Sam's upset he's leaving again. She says she can't do this anymore and tells him not to come back.