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Perkie's Observations: Valentin's Clicking Pen Rattles Dante on General Hospital

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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart

Willow asks Chase why they didn't tell her and Michael the truth. Chase says he always planned on coming clean after Wiley was safe with them, but changed his mind. He says he felt close to her after Finn's shooting, but sees that her marriage is no longer in name only. 

Willow admits that she and Michael are attracted to each other and are no longer just friends. Chase says he still loves her and Willow admits she still loves him as well. Chase is hopeful even though Willow points out there is still something brewing with Michael. 

Maxie's upset over what's happened to Lulu and how she doesn't have anyone to talk to. Peter reassures her that Lulu will make a full recovery. Maxie thinks they should get married right away. 

Anna wants to know when Violet will meet Finn's father. She thinks Violet has the right to get to know her grandfather and has invited Gregory over. Finn introduces Gregory to Violet, who's thrilled to meet her grandfather. 

Gregory tells Finn that he and Jackie are separating. He says they grew apart, but Finn thinks they can repair things. Gregory says he'll be staying in town a little longer. 

Maxie tells Anna that she wants to move up her wedding plans and thinks they should have a double wedding. Anna seems less than thrilled about it.

Michael tells Sasha that he owes her everything, but she disagrees. Michael mentions how the cocaine was laced with something that could have killed her. He tells Sasha that Carly was the one who told him the truth about her non-affair with Chase.

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Sasha apologizes for lying, but says everything worked out and she wouldn't change anything. She says saving Wiley was worth it. Michael understands she did it out of love. Michael tells her to go back to her life before the drugs because she's worthy. Sasha is all moony-eyed.

Maxie finds Michael in Sasha's room and after he leaves and questions Sasha on what's happening between them. 

Michael updates Willow on his talk with Sasha. Willow says she wants the best for Chase. 

Liz finds Franco wandering around his room and insists he get back into bed. Franco says he needs to see a psychiatrist because he's hearing voices. He says he's hearing Peter say "no choice" over and over in his head. 

Liz summons Kevin and Franco explains that he's hearing Peter's voice. Kevin says Franco is worried he'll turn into his old self, so he's projecting Peter's voice. Kevin says he's willing to work with Franco. Scotty overhears and refuses to allow it. 

Franco says he needs Kevin's help so he doesn't turn into the man that he was. Kevin says there is a doctor in Geneva who can help and Franco is interested. Kevin heads out to make the arrangements and Liz says she'll be there for Franco. Franco promises to fight this. 

Valentin wants to discuss Charlotte's visitation. Dante warns Valentin he won't keep Charlotte away from Rocco. Valentin says he has no plans to keep Charlotte away. Valentin clicks a pen absent-mindedly, which puts Dante into a brief trance. Dante snaps out of it, but Valentin seems confused.

Peter meets with Dante. He tells him to take time off to deal with parenting Rocco. Dante turns down the offer, saying they need continuity in their lives. Dante calls someone to tell them he's ready to complete the mission. 

Valentin tells Anna about Dante's weird behavior, saying he thinks the WSB let him go too soon. Anna wants to let Robert know, but Valentin wants things kept between them. Valentin says Dante will be spending a lot of time around Charlotte and wants Anna to find out if he's over the PTSD.