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Tamron Hall Discusses Staffing Allegations and Being an Underdog

Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall is going from strength to strength. The journalist has debuted the second season of her eponymous talk show - and nabbed it a second run on OWN; it's already been renewed for a third season. Hall spoke to The Washington Post about the challenges of heading up a show and being an "underdog" in daytime TV.

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There were some changes after season one wrapped. She refuted rumors that her show fired and didn't pay 18 staff members. Hall noted:

We know every company that’s run by a man, that’s run by a White man, would not be questioned for trying to make the company better. That’s what I was stunned by. 

BuzzFeed News recently published a report in which Tamron Hall crew members alleged that "safety measures" on set against COVID-19 were "inadequate." According to WaPo, Hall stated "the show’s covid-19 protocols were in line with Disney’s corporate standards." Hall added:

When you have your name on the show, you are responsible. My name matters. It matters if it’s associated with something I don’t have control over or not. 

Whether or not COVID-19 is raging, Hall is determined to put out a good show. She explained:

The underdogs, the kids that the industry didn’t bet on and perhaps some still wouldn’t? We’re still here.