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Perkie’s Observations: Martin Reveals His Family Ties to Cyrus on General Hospital

Michael E. Knight

Michael E. Knight

Sam tells Jason that she can't do this anymore and Jason asks for clarification. Sam mentions nearly losing Danny because of the bombing was her breaking point. Sam says there will always be another crisis that she needs to protect her children from. 

Sam says she's focused so much on being with Jason, she didn't look at whether it was right for the kids. Jason says he wants them to last. He adds that he loves her and the kids, but he won't fight her. He says he can't leave the business. Sam understands and accepts his loyalty, but kids change things.

Sam says she doesn't want her kids to live in fear or to die the way Morgan did. (Okay, there have been two mentions of Morgan's death in the past two episodes. That had better not be a foreshadowing of him returning. If someone should stay dead it's Morgan Mini Sonny Corinthos.)

Sam says she has to do what's best for her kids. Jason agrees that he wants that for them as well. Jason accepts that she wants him to leave. He says he's thankful for all the time they've been together and the family they’ve created. Jason says he will always love her. 

Carly wants Michael's forgiveness, but he can't give it to her. Michael understands why Chase and Sasha did what they did, but still isn't happy with them. Carly says she's seen how he and Willow have gotten closer and thinks it's a good thing. 

Michael says his bonding with Willow was based on a lie. Carly says everyone had good intentions and he needs to figure out where to go next. 

Willow runs into Sasha, who wants to clear the air. Willow's angry that she lost Chase and her friendship with Sasha. Sasha swears that Chase only loves Willow, but she says she doesn't trust that. 

Sasha says she's embarrassed to return to Deception, but Willow says there are counseling groups at the hospital that can help. 

Willow tells Michael about running into Sasha. Willow says things are confusing between everyone, but she doesn't want to lose his friendship. 

Curtis and Jordan discuss the case and how they can get leverage on Cyrus. Jordan thinks they should look into David Hamilton's past to see if there’s a connection to Cyrus. Curtis thinks their focus should be on Florence Grey. 

Epiphany informs Jordan that Taggert’s alive and explains Trina’s interest. Jordan is surprised to learn that Taggert has been snooping around. Jordan says she needs to get through to Taggert before he messes everything up.

Sonny wants Diane's help in finding Martin's connection to Cyrus. The two approach Martin and bring up Cyrus. They believe Martin works for him.

Diane brings up the bomb, but Martin points the finger at Julian. Diane says Julian had no motive, but Cyrus did and was targeting Jason. Sonny insists Martin explain his connection to Cyrus or they'll assume he was also involved in the bombing. Martin says he has no idea what "his brother" has done. 

Diane and Sonny are surprised, but want to know details. Martin says Cyrus reached out to him, but he didn't want anything to do with him. He says their mother fell ill and Cyrus paid her bills. 

Cyrus is surprised to find Laura at the firing range. She points out that he knows nothing about her. Laura says there is a lot he doesn't know about her and she has no intention of filling him in. Laura angrily tells him to get out of Port Charles. 

Laura says she wants him to pay for the bombing, but wants peace more and wants him to leave. Cyrus says he has personal reasons for staying in Port Charles. Laura brings up Lulu and her treatment. Cyrus says there are good facilities in Vermont. 

Sonny updates Carly on the details that Martin gave him, then tells her he and Jason are heading out of town to follow a lead.

Cyrus arrives to offer condolences to Sonny for Dev's death. Sonny tells Cyrus he will find out who's responsible. 

Laura calls Curtis to meet her. She tells him about their talk and how Cyrus mentioned long-term care homes. Curtis checks the files from the medical supply company in Mexico and finds out they deliver to a facility in Vermont.