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Perkie's Observations: Tracy Inserts Herself Into Ned's Messy Business on General Hospital

Jane Elliot

Jane Elliot

Olivia mentions that Ned's out of town on business. Tracy notices something is off and questions Monica. Monica tells Tracy that Ned cheated on Olivia. Tracy wants to know what Monica has done to fix it. Monica says she told Ned to confess, but he refused. Tracy is shocked to hear that Ned cheated with Alexis. Tracy's worried that drunk Alexis will spill the beans and decides she needs to fix things. Monica tells her to leave it alone. 

Dante updates Dr. Kirk on what little he's found so far. Kirk isn't happy with Dante's lack of progress. He tells Dante that getting the evidence on Peter is a top priority. Kirk clicks his pen and Dante says he'll complete the mission. 

Liesl wants Dr. Kirk to go to Port Charles to keep a closer eye on Dante and his programming. She tells him they can't have a relationship until Peter is held accountable for what he's done. 

Franco and Scotty head to the WSB facility in Geneva to see Dr. Kirk. Although Kevin set it up, the receptionist says there was no appointment made. Franco hears Peter's voice in his head again and is desperate to see the doctor. 

Alexis stops by to apologize to Sam for the things she said about Jason. She says wants to make amends and Sam can live her life how she wants. Alexis says she wants to be in Sam and the kids' lives, but Sam sees that as Alexis' way to continue drinking. 

Finn tells Liz about Violet's visit with his father. Anna plans on telling Finn about the double wedding, but doesn't get a chance. Finn runs into Maxie, who assumes Anna has told him and is thrilled when he simply agrees with whatever she wants. 

Finn is shocked and confused when Maxie tells him they will have a double wedding. Maxie claims Anna was all for it since their wedding guests will overlap and it will make sense to do it together. 

Anna runs into Dante and the two have coffee. They discuss Lulu and her treatment. Anna asks what happened in Geneva with his treatment. Dante wonders why she's interested, but Anna questions all the secrecy. 

Dante says his treatment was personal and doesn't want to share the details with her. Anna says she understands how an undercover mission can mess with your head and offers to hear him out if needed. 

Finn tells Anna about the double wedding. Anna is not happy that Finn agreed to Maxie's request. Neither wants the double wedding, but feel they don't have a choice. 

Liz stops by to see Jason, but finds Sam instead. She says she wants Jason to spend time with Jake while Franco's in Geneva. Sam suggests Jake reach out directly to Jason since she has no idea when he'll be back. 

Sam admits she and Jason broke up because of the violence in his world. Liz understands and Sam says she admires that Liz has managed to create stability for her kids. Liz says it's admirable that Sam is putting her kids first and offers to be there when she needs it. 

Olivia finds Alexis having a drink at the Metro Court. Alexis promises she's not there to get drunk, but Olivia continues to push. Alexis tells Olivia about Sam turning her back on her. Olivia says Ned is dealing with the same thing with Brook Lynn and thinks the two should talk. Alexis gets annoyed with Olivia's interference. Olivia cuts off Alexis' drinking and the two get into an argument. Tracy arrives as Alexis is telling Olivia to mind her business and her marriage. 

Franco finally gets in to see Dr. Kirk, who reviews his records. Franco explains his past with the previous tumor.

Scotty hangs around waiting for Franco and comes across Liesl.