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Perkie's Observations: Julian's a Daddy While Jason Regrets Being One on General Hospital

William deVry

William deVry

Dr. Kirk tells Franco the voice he's hearing could be just one of Drew's leftover memories. Franco still worries about the possible personality change. Dr. Kirk agrees to work with Franco. 

Scotty wants to know why Liesl's out of prison. Liesl says she was framed and then exonerated. Franco confronts her as well. Liesl says she's trying to get proof of the one who framed her. 

Dr. Kirk wants to get hot and bothered with Liesl, but she's having none of it. She refuses to have any hanky-panky. The good doctor accuses her of using him to get her way. Dr. Kirk says he's going to tell Anna, so Liesl pulls a knife on him. Dr. Kirk gets the knife from her just as Scotty walks in. Scotty punches Dr. Kirk, who falls and stabs himself with the knife. 

Tracy interrupts Olivia and Alexis, then drags Alexis away. Tracy says she has a job for Alexis, in Amsterdam. Alexis says she lost her license, but Tracy says the job pays well and she could start over. Alexis realizes that Tracy knows about her one night stand.

Alexis swears she won't say anything to Olivia, but Tracy says she could say something accidentally while drunk. Tracy drives Alexis home and Alexis natters on that Olivia deserves the truth and someone should tell her. 

Sam tells Carly about her conversation with Jason. Sam says she can't be with Jason since she wants her kids safe. She brings up the talk with Danny and says she's decided her life with Jason is over. Carly sees how Sam has changed and that she's doing right for her family. 

Dante updates Olivia on Lulu's condition. Dante worries about Rocco and how he's no longer comfortable around him. Olivia decides Dante and Rocco should leave the mansion and go home. 

Nikolas gives Ava the post-nup agreement so she can destroy it now that they're an official couple. The two pay coma-Ryan a visit so Ava can have some closure. After they leave, Ryan opens his eyes. 

While on stakeout looking for Julian, Jason tells Sonny that he and Sam split up. He says Sam connected Morgan's death with her kids' possible deaths. Jason's upset he let it happen and thinks he should've never have been a father.

Jason doesn't regret Danny, but is upset that his life is being ripped apart. Jason understands how Sam can't take those risks for the kids. He says he can't leave the life, so he has to do what Sam wants. 

Julian's in New York looking for Kim, but finds her roommate instead. He says he's there to say goodbye, but then he hears a baby crying in the other room. Julian's surprised that it's Kim's baby.

Her friend says Kim was pregnant before she left Port Charles and she named the baby Andrew. Later, the woman calls Kim to tell her Julian was there and he doesn't know the baby is his. 

In order to protect Olivia and Ned's marriage, Tracy puts a passed out Alexis in the driver's seat.

Jason sets off the fire alarm in the building to flush out Julian. Julian comes across Sonny in the alley.