WATCH: Deidre Hall Shares Embarrassing Days of Our Lives Memory with Kelly Clarkson

Deidre Hall, Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson recently sat down with Deidre Hall to reminisce over Hall's decades-long career on Days of Our Lives. During their chat, Hall remembered one of her first days on set at DAYS as Dr. Marlena Evans, regaling The Kelly Clarkson Show host with a funny anecdote.

Hall recalled:

Oh, I was so scared, and I had to do a scene with Macdonald Carey [Dr. Tom Horton], the star of the show, and Frances Reid [Alice Horton], his counterpart, and I was standing in the wings, watching everybody, and thinking, just, 'Oh, they’re so talented and she’s so beautiful and that Amanda character [Mary Frann], boy, she’s gorgeous.'

She continued:

So I came into the set and Dr. Horton introduced me as Dr. Evans. And I said, 'Oh, please, call me Amanda.' And I thought, 'Why are they all being so strange? Oh, somebody’s clearly up here; I’ll wait until they figure out what the problem is,' and of course Macdonald Carey looked over and said, 'Darling, you’re Marlena. She’s Amanda.'"

Watch the cute clip below.