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Perkie's Observations: Curtis and Laura Scheme to Nail Down Florence on General Hospital

Donnell Turner

Donnell Turner

Violet overhears Finn and Anna discussing a possible double wedding and is thrilled at the idea. Chase and Gregory drop by and the wedding talk continues. Finn gets tense when talk turns to Gregory and Jackie's wedding, and how he wasn't there. Anna asks Finn about the tension. Anna says the past can't be changed and Finn should discuss things with his father. 

The teens are surprised there is no evidence that Taggert's death was faked. Josslyn says Cyrus is a liar and Trina shouldn't believe him. Cameron and Joss try to convince Trina that Cyrus is just trying to torture her. Trina says it's not just what Cyrus told her, but she really feels her father is still alive.

Joss says if Taggert was alive, he'd come home, but Trina feels he'd stay in hiding until Cyrus is taken down. Carly summons Joss to the hotel. Trina gets angry with Cameron because he's so skeptical. Trina spends time by herself in the park and feels Taggert's presence. 

Martin wants to make up with Valentin. Martin asks for forgiveness for his remarks about Lulu. Valentin agrees to rehire Martin, who then admits he's Cyrus' brother. Martin adds he has no relationship him. 

Jordan tells Carly she needs to speak to Taggert. Jordan says Trina is digging for the truth with Cameron and Joss. Jordan tells Carly to reach out to Sonny and force a meeting with Taggert. Carly calls Taggert to set up the meeting. 

Carly demands answers from Joss about hacking into the medical records. Joss admits they were looking for proof of Taggert's non-death. Carly insists on knowing why Trina believes her father is alive, but Joss refuses to say. Carly says everyone believes Cyrus killed Taggert and he's dangerous. Joss wants her mother to trust her, but Carly says the teens are at risk. Joss finally admits that it was Cyrus. 

Jordan meets with Taggert and explains about Trina's interest. Jordan demands to know who knows Taggert is alive and told Trina. Taggert tells Jordan that Julian saw him on the pier. Jordan tells Taggert to leave town so she can get answers and keep Trina safe. 

Curtis and Laura are on a stakeout at the long-term care facility in Vermont. Curtis points out that the building has a ton of security. The two go undercover with Laura as Dr. Curtis' patient. Laura is admitted and she tells Curtis that she'll find Florence Grey. The facility doctor has a syringe of who knows what for Laura. (What an incredibly stupid and dangerous plan.)