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Perkie's Observations: Julian Vanishes In a Puff of Smoke on General Hospital

William deVry

William deVry

Tracy calls 911 claiming Alexis was driving drunk. Chase shows up and Alexis denies running her car off the road. Alexis says Tracy was the one driving. Tracy claims she took Alexis home and when she wasn't looking, Alexis took off on her own. 

Alexis has no memory of any of it, so Chase asks if she has a history of missing time. Alexis says she didn't blackout and disputes Tracy's story. Tracy wants her to go to an out of state rehab facility. Alexis turns down Chase's sobriety test, so he asks for her license and places her under arrest.

Sonny runs into Julian and wants answers. Julian wants Sonny to just end things, but Sonny says he'd rather bring Julian to the police. He wants Julian to tell the police that Cyrus ordered him to plant the bomb. Julian says Cyrus will then be the one to kill him. Sonny says Julian's information is the only thing keeping him alive . . . just as someone shoots Julian. 

Sonny and Jason get into a gunfight with the shooter. When the smoke clears, the shooter is dead and Julian is long gone. Sonny says they need to find Julian, so he can give up Cyrus. 

Liesl declares Dr. Kirk dead and she blames Scotty. Liesl tells Scotty to keep quiet while she gets rid of the body. Scotty drags a confused Franco back to their hotel. 

Liesl shows up at the hotel. She tells Franco that Dr. Kirk is no longer available and she'll help him with his brain. She says Dr. Kirk was reassigned within the WSB. Scotty doesn't want her to mess with Franco's brain. Liesl says she knows her way around the brain. 

Maxie tells Sasha the Crimson lawyers feel she's a liability. She says they need a guarantee that Sasha will stay clean since Crimson could lose all of their contracts. Sasha swears she's finished with drugs. 

Sasha feels Maxie doesn't trust her. Maxie says she won't let drugs ruin someone else and explains she'll need to do random drug tests. Sasha agrees to all the protocols necessary for her to return to work. Maxie wants Sasha to go public with her story to get ahead of it, but Sasha isn't interested.

Sasha runs into Cyrus and plays nice until Brando shows up and drags her away. Cyrus warns Sasha to stay away. 

Britt meets with Cyrus to discuss the hospital budget. Cyrus says a new pain medication is being reviewed in hopes of bringing in money. He thinks it will help the hospital's prestige. Britt says the hospital is about good medical care and not the sale of drugs. Britt says she's in the business of saving lives. 

Britt joins Maxie and asks if she can visit with James since he's the only connection to Nathan. Maxie complains about Liesl, and how she had to choose between Liesl and Peter.

Franco mentions to Liesl how Dr. Kirk thought he was hearing were more one of Drew's memories that weren't erased. Franco says he hears Peter's voice.