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Perkie's Observations: Duke Plays the Usher for Julian's Demise on General Hospital

Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan

Cyrus arrives as Carly finishes her conversation with Joss. She confronts Cyrus and tells him to stay away from the teens. Carly warns him it will be war if he doesn't back off. Cyrus calls a minion to keep an eye on Trina, figuring it will lead to Taggert. 

Jordan runs into Trina, who rants that her father was bad mouthed after his death because of her. Taggert eavesdrops in the bushes while Trina says she's trying to prove his innocence. Jordan wants Trina to back off and explains how Cyrus was sent to prison on fabricated evidence. She says Taggert made the right choice and it doesn't make him a bad man. 

Portia tells Ava that Trina's missed school and isn't returning her calls. Ava says Trina's not at the gallery and hasn't seen her since Dev's death. Portia thinks Trina's radio silence means she's doing something Portia wouldn't approve of and she's worried she may be jeopardizing her good grades. Ava reassures her that Trina needs time to herself.

Ava manages to get a hold of Trina and tells her to get to the hospital. Portia is relieved when Trina gets to the hospital, but Trina doesn't tell her where or what she's been up to. Portia demands answers. Trina admits to meeting with Cyrus and him telling her Taggert may be alive. 

Curtis is not happy to hear that Laura will be given a sedative and stops the doctor from giving it to her. Curtis claims that Laura is allergic to the medicine and offers to keep her calm for the night. Curtis tells Laura that Florence is on the same floor. Laura's ready to find and interrogate her. 

Curtis wants them both to leave. He's worried that things are getting too complicated. Laura thinks her plan will get them the information they need to take down Cyrus. Later, Laura wanders the halls and finds Florence's room. 

Carly updates Sonny about Cyrus approaching Trina and telling her that Taggert is alive. Joss tells Carly she doesn't believe what Cyrus told Trina. Carly's shiftiness makes Joss ask if Taggert is really alive, but Carly denies any knowledge.

Taggert thanks Jordan for what she told Trina. She tells Taggert he needs to leave before Cyrus tries to kill him again. The two share a hug just when a gunman appears. Jordan shoots him. Before he dies, he admits he was there to lure Taggert out of hiding. 

Britt finds Nikolas in Ryan's room and drags him out. Britt questions his motives for being there. She says Ryan has improved, but is not conscious. Nikolas says he has no intention of killing Ryan and mentions how his relationship with Ava has changed. 

Ryan regains consciousness, but Britt tells NAva and Mac he's likely in a vegetative state. Ava spends some time with Ryan, spitting out her disgust for him and glad he can't do more harm.

Julian has a gunshot wound to the side and hangs out in a bus station to get to Montreal. He's joined by ghost Duke, who says Julian's time is up. Ghost Connie (OG Connie of the wonderful hair) arrives, but Julian says he wasn't responsible for her death. Connie says he convinced Ava to kill her. Conscience Alexis arrives with her mother's knife and tells him to die. 

Brick meets with Jason and Sonny who ask him for help tracking down Julian. Brick talks about facial recognition software that will help find Julian through social media. Brick gets a hit that Julian's at a bus stop in New Jersey. The bus gets called, but Julian appears to die on the bench.

Mac gets to the scene and Jordan tells him she shot the shooter in defense of someone else,  just as Taggert comes out of the shadows. 

Laura heads into Florence's room, just as someone else (Cyrus?) arrives at the door.