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Perkie's Observations: Laura's Family Tree Grows More Branches on General Hospital

Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Mac drags Taggert to the PCPD and demands to know who helped him fake his death. Taggert lawyers up. Jordan leaves a message for Carly to let Sonny know that Taggert has been discovered. 

Laura hides in the bathroom when Martin comes in. (My bad, I thought it would be Cyrus!) Laura sends an SOS text to Curtis. She eavesdrops as Martin talks to his mother.

Laura comes out of the bathroom, surprising Martin. Then, Curtis arrives and tells Martin he can't tell anyone Laura is there. Martin demands to know why they're in his mother's room. Laura gets Curtis to leave while she stays behind to talk to Martin. 

Martin talks about his mother and mentions his father's name is Gordon Grey. Laura admits to Martin that Gordon was her father as well. Martin wants to know what information Laura wanted from his mother. 

Julian, who's not dead after all (my bad on calling time of death yesterday!), misses his bus. He convinces a stranger to sell him his ticket on a different bus while Cyrus' minion watches.

Sonny and Jason get to the bus station before Julian has a chance to leave and lead him away as the minion opens fire. Julian takes off, followed by Sonny, while Jason stays behind and takes out the gunman. 

Trina swears she tried to ignore what Cyrus told her about Taggert being alive. Portia's angry that Trina was given false hope. Portia doesn't believe anyone at the hospital would have done anything to hide it or that Taggert would let Trina grieve.

Portia and Trina head to the station to complain to Jordan about Cyrus. Both are shocked to see Taggert alive and well. (It's unfortunate that Real Andrews was sick and they needed to bring in a temp because it really watered down this reunion.)

Trina wants an explanation from Taggert, who says he needed to leave to keep them safe. Trina's upset that he didn't tell her the truth. Taggert says her grief had to be real for her own safety. 

Michael and Chase run into each other and Michael tears a strip off of Chase. Michael's angry that Chase didn't tell him or Willow the truth, or bring them into the plan. Chase tries to defend himself and says he did what he did for Wiley.

Chase wants Michael's friendship back. Michael accuses Chase of thinking he can get Willow back. Chase continues to insist that everything they did was for Wiley. Michael says there was a cost to Sasha, who turned to drugs. He adds that he and Willow have gotten closer. Michael's upset that Chase manipulated everyone and knees Chase in the stomach. (What an effin' tool. Please arrest his ass Detective Chase!) 

Jordan explains to Mac about helping Taggert. Both agree the safest place for Taggert is in PCPD lockup. 

Sonny and Julian end up in a standoff. 

Laura tells Martin she's trying to find information on Cyrus and explains about the house they found. Laura wants to know the connection between Cyrus and Martin's mother. Cyrus arrives and says she's his mother as well.