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Perkie's Observations: Julian and Sonny Take a Tumble on General Hospital

William deVry, Maurice Benard

William deVry, Maurice Benard

Curtis is shocked to see Taggert alive, but not happy to hear that Jordan has known all along. Jordan explains her point of view. Curtis understands, but questions why she didn't tell him. Jordan says she didn't want Curtis to get into trouble. 

Curtis is angry that Jordan kept it from him and points out it's not the first time she's done something like this. Jordan says she doesn't want any of this to land on him. Curtis says she never gave him the option to help. Curtis is not okay with her lies. 

Laura is gobsmacked to learn that Cyrus is Florence's son and her half brother. Laura watches as the brothers argue back and forth, then interrupts to ask how long Cyrus has known the truth. Cyrus explains he did a deep dive on her while he was in prison and discovered the connection.

Laura says she doesn't care that they're related because she's holding him responsible for Lulu's brain injury. Martin pipes up and claims Cyrus killed their father, though Cyrus claims it was an accident.

Martin explains how Cyrus hit their father with a car, though Cyrus swears it was an accident. Martin says Florence kicked Cyrus out of the house. Cyrus says he's been trying to make things up to their mother, but Martin says she'll never forgive him. 

A police officer arrives and arrests Jason for shooting Cyrus' minion. Diane arrives in a nano-second. (Seriously, did she fly there on the Super Duper Speedy Flying Machine?) Jason tells Diane he shot the minion in self defense. 

Diane tells the officer it was self defense and the cameras will corroborate it. Diane browbeats the officer. He lets Jason go after checking the cameras. 

Carly admits to Josslyn that Taggert is alive and explains how he had to play dead because of Cyrus. Joss wonders about the weirdness of their lives. The two discuss the nature of SaSon's business. Carly says she understands Joss' concerns. Joss is thankful for her mother and reassures Carly that she chose the right life for them. 

Sonny wants to take Julian alive to help take down Cyrus. Julian says Cyrus will kill him if he talks. Sonny says Julian will get redemption if he sacrifices himself by taking down Cyrus. Julian agrees, so long as Sonny promises not to kill him. 

Julian collapses and appears to die. When Sonny reaches down to check for a pulse, Julian attacks him. The two fight over the gun and Sonny shoots Julian in the stomach.

Julian dies (for reals this time)!

Jason gets to the bridge as it collapses, knocking Sonny and Julian overboard.