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Perkie's Observations: Julian Meets a Body Bag on General Hospital

William deVry

William deVry

Jason jumps into the water to try and save Sonny, but can't find him. He hides when the police arrive and watches while they pull a body from the water. The body is Julian's.

Florence wakes up, confused and upset. She blames Cyrus for his father's death. Cyrus tries to explain, but she gets more agitated. Martin tells Cyrus to leave. Laura takes him out of the room and Cyrus insists he didn't deliberately kill his father.

Laura believes him because he was a teenager, but questions his motives now that he's an adult. Laura said he pulled a bunch of stunts to get her to meet his mother when he could have just told her that they were related. 

Cyrus mentions how they are similar, but Laura denies it. Cyrus swears he was framed for the crimes he was in prison for. Laura says she knows what he's done and how he set things in motion that landed Lulu in long-term care. 

Cyrus warns Laura that she doesn't want him for an enemy. Martin walks up and tells him to back off. Laura says he can't buy his mother's love. Cyrus counters that he's buying up the city she loves, one piece at a time. 

Gregory and Chase drop by Finn's for poker night. The talk turns to Gregory's wedding . . . again. Finn says he was wrong to act out the way he did. Gregory is thankful that Finn is letting him in. Gregory admits that Jackie told him they didn't wait long enough after Finn's mother's death to marry. 

Valentin wants to know if it's safe for Dante to be around Charlotte. Anna says Dante is grieving for Lulu, but didn't he wanted to share anything personal with her. Valentin mentions Dante shooting Peter, but Anna says it was an accident. Anna says the WSB wouldn't have released him if he was healed, but doesn't believe he is. The two figure out that Dante was released too soon and it was for a specific reason. 

Maxie and Peter want to know the gender of their baby and share with Anna they're having a girl. 

Dante drops off gifts at Carly's. Carly mentions that SaSon are out of town on business and she's worried. Carly asks about Rocco and Dante says they're moving back into their house to get things back to normal. Dante and Carly discuss Sonny and give him quite the tongue bath. Carly introduces Dante to Donna before he leaves. 

Cyrus heads back into his mother's room to berate her for treating him as less than what he thinks he's worth. He says he's a powerful man now. 

Jason gets back to Carly's . . . without Sonny.