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General Hospital's Laura Wright Talks Carly's Challenging Christmas


General Hospital's Carly (Laura Wright) might not be having the jolliest Christmas this year. After all, her husband Sonny (Maurice Benard) is MIA after falling off a bridge. How is the bad girl-turned-mama bear going to hold it together for the holidays? Wright opened up to TV Insider.

Carly might have to act like everything's A-OK, even as her heart is breaking. Wright explained:

They don’t know for sure what’s going on. This is Michael’s [Chad Duell] first Christmas with Wiley [Theo and Erik Olson], and Carly will not ruin that. She's not going to dump this on them. She and Jason [Steve Burton] will handle [the worst-case scenario] when they have to. But not tonight. Sonny would want them to handle things this way.

And it's another of her exes, Jax (Ingo Rademacher), who might be helping Carly keep her feet on the ground. With the rest of her family occupied, Wright explained, he's a good option:

The only other person [to turn to] is Jax. He knows when Carly’s deflecting and when she’s trying to compensate.

Wright also discussed how Sonny's disappearance after a tough year, including Mike (Max Gail)'s death, fit into the couple's overall trajectory. She noted:

Carly and Sonny are now on a level that’s just different from where they were in the past. I don’t know how you [create conflict] for that. I think Sonny going missing, as he has, is the only way it could have happened.