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Perkie’s Obervations: Finn Fills Anna’s Head With Daddy Issues on General Hospital

Michael Easton, Finola Hughes

Michael Easton, Finola Hughes

Jason tells Carly the bridge collapsed and Sonny’s disappeared. He says his people are searching the river and Carly asks him to take her there. On the way, Jason explains to Carly what happened with Sonny and Julian. 

Alexis is taken to the PCPD for her DWI where Diane joins her. Alexis swears she didn't drive drunk, but Diane says she's lucky she didn't kill anyone. Sam shows up, and asks if Alexis was trying to kill herself. 

Alexis swears again that she didn't drive drunk, but Sam doesn't believe her. Alexis wants to be released, but Sam says she'll take her to rehab. Alexis says she doesn't need rehab and refuses to go. Diane says she won't be Alexis' lawyer anymore unless Alexis goes. Alexis keeps refusing and says she'll spend the night at the PCPD instead. 

Chase tells Sam that Julian's body was pulled from the river. 

Tracy tells Olivia and Ned the story she made up about Alexis driving off the road and getting arrested.

Olivia gets a call that Julian's dead and worries about Leo. Ned promises to be a good father to him. 

Tracy confronts Ned about sleeping with Alexis. Tracy says Alexis is out of control and needs to go to rehab. She tells Ned to leave it alone and to focus on Olivia. Ned tells Olivia he doesn't need to be with Alexis. 

Franco tells Scotty and Liesl he wants to head back to Port Charles. Liesl tells Scotty that she disposed of Dr. Kirk's body. WSB agents arrive to talk to Franco. They explain how Dr. Kirk was found dead after a mugging. Liesl swears she spoke to him after the appointment with Franco, which appeases the agents for now. Liesl says she'll head back to PC with them to help Franco with his tumor. 

Robert checks in with Jackie and wonders why she left town so quickly once Gregory showed up. Jackie tells him that she and Gregory are separated and she left town for work. Robert tells her everything she's missed since she left and Jackie decides she's heading back to Port Charles. 

Finn tells Anna he doesn't hate his father and explains his history with Jackie. He tells her how he slept with Jackie the night before the wedding and cut himself off from them. Finn says when he decided to make it up to them, he showed up at the house and Jackie had Chase. Anna asks if it's possible that Chase is Finn's son. 

Finn says he asked Jackie, but she swore Gregory was Chase's father. He says he wasn't going to ruin their family and chose to believe her. Finn insists Chase is his brother, the same way that Anna wants Peter to be hers. 

Carly is determined to believe that Sonny is alive. The two search the riverbank for him.