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Perkie's Observations: Jordan's Lies Ripple Through Her Marriage on General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

Briana Nicole Henry

Carly and Jason get back to the house, with no luck finding Sonny. They're surprised to find not only Jax and Joss, but Michael's little family as well. Carly is thrilled to see Wiley, but Michael wonders where Sonny is. Carly says he got caught up with work and won't be home tonight, which is Christmas Eve. Carly tells Jason she doesn't want the kids to know the truth about Sonny until they know for sure what happened to him. 

Sasha's not amused to find Brando hanging around her. Sasha swears she's not going to do anything to Cyrus. Brando says he's looking out for her, so Sasha softens. The two sit and talk about Christmases past. Sasha kisses Brando on the cheek under some mistletoe.

Trina tears another strip off of Curtis, accusing him of lying about Taggert's fake death. Curtis says he had no idea Taggert was alive, which surprises Trina and Portia. Portia tells Curtis that she's angry with Taggert for allowing Trina to grieve. Curtis admits to Portia that Jordan's lies are ruining his marriage. Portia tells him to listen to Jordan's reasons for doing this and not pass judgement. She says he's going to need to forgive Jordan. 

Molly bails Alexis out of lockup and they head to Jordan's for dinner with the Ashfords. She begs her mother not to ruin the holiday. Alexis pours herself some vodka while no one is looking. Curtis is ghosting Jordan, who tells the others that he's working and won't join them for dinner.

Alexis mentions Taggert being alive, which surprises Molly and TJ. Jordan admits she knew Taggert was alive and explains. Alexis understands, but TJ and Molly don't. Jordan admits Curtis didn't know, which is why he's angry with her. She then heads out to find Curtis.

Alexis starts spouting nonsense about secrets. Molly realizes that she's been drinking and kicks Alexis out. Molly tells TJ that secrets aren't good and she has something to tell him.

Jordan finds Curtis in the park.

Alexis gets an alert on her phone that Julian was found dead. (Seriously Sam, you couldn't have called and warned/told her?)

Laura talks to Kevin about Lulu and how much she loved the holiday season. Laura wishes she'd get a Christmas miracle in the form of Lulu waking up. The two run into Martin, who's at the hospital to drop off gifts for the elderly. Laura asks if Martin wants to join them for dinner so they can get to know each other better. 

Sam and Lucas commiserate over Julian's death. Sam feels he got what he deserved. (And Merry Christmas to you, bitch!) 

Sam sends Jason a text that she had to identify Julian's body. Carly tells him to go to Sam. Sam asks about Julian, but Jason swears he didn't kill him. Sam mentions the kids and Jason says he wants to stop by to see them. Sam wants Jason to spend the night and celebrate Christmas morning with the kids. (Way to be wishy washy there.) 

Lucas stops by the Corinthi compound. Michael says he thinks Lucas should be a part of Wiley's life as his uncle.

Willow talks to Carly about big families and how they love each other. Carly gets upset and steps out. Jax finds her crying and she tells him that Sonny is missing. 

The police show up at Carly's door.