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Daytime Confidential Hot 100 of 2020, 50-1

Hot 100 2020 Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 of 2020. Every year, DC tracks which current and former stars and personalities readers are most interested in through your clicks and usage of this site.

Comings and goings headlines generate immense interest among readers, as they want to know more about the departing or incoming actors. Some long-time favorites, like Peter Reckell and James Scott, continue to drive interest years after their exits. The passing of One Life to Live's Roscoe Born also drew interest.

Whether it's current or former daytime stars, daytime writers or executives or primetime soap stars who we've covered, this is the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 of 2020 Part 2: 50-1!