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Perkie's Observations: TJ Heaps the Blame For Molly Onto Jordan on General Hospital

Tajh Bellow

Tajh Bellow

Jordan wants Curtis to come home for Christmas, but he thinks they need to sort things out. He feels Jordan is never honest with him and she always keeps secrets. Curtis says Jordan has always been independent and didn't change for the good of their marriage. Jordan swears there are no more secrets between them, but Curtis can't believe her. 

Molly tells TJ about her one night stand when she thought he had broken things off with her, but was actually kidnapped. TJ is shocked and demands to know who it was. Molly admits it was Brando, but swears it was a mistake. Molly mentions that Jordan told her TJ wanted nothing to do with her, which is why she had the one night stand. 

Liesl and the Baldwin boys are back in town, and hanging out at the hospital. Liesl's trying to access Franco's file to check his scans. Franco doesn't understand why everything is a secret since Liesl has been released. She says she needs to keep a low profile because Anna will try to pin something else on her. 

Britt tells Jason she heard about Julian's death and wonders if it was her fault since she told SaSon about Julian's involvement. Jason absolves her of guilt and puts the blame on Cyrus. Jason wants the hospital and the city free of Cyrus and asks if she has any information. She tells Jason that Cyrus is developing a new drug to exploit for a huge profit. 

Terry stops over to see Liz. The two discuss Cameron's grief over Dev's death and Franco's diagnosis. Liz says Franco's in Geneva seeing a specialist. Liz is surprised, but happy when Franco gets home, as she wasn't expecting him back in time for Christmas. Franco and Scotty explain there's someone in town who might be able to help. 

Terry talks to Cameron about Dev's death and how she went through something similar. She tells him not to give up living. 

Maxie admits to Peter how it's hard not having Lulu around while she gets married and has another baby. She wants to name the baby Louise in Lulu's honor. The two run into Britt and offer to have her join them for Christmas dinner. Liesl watches from afar, angry that Peter and Britt are getting close. 

Jordan gets home and TJ tells her about Molly's one night stand. He blames his mother for the things she told Molly. TJ realizes that Cyrus was the one who kidnapped him and that Jordan knew all along. TJ heads out to find Molly, who apologizes again. TJ says he knows the cheating wouldn't have happened under normal circumstances and needs them to be honest going forward. 

Chase stops by to ask Carly about Sonny's whereabouts. Carly says he's out of town on business. Chase says Julian was found dead in the river and the security footage shows Sonny with him at the time of the bridge collapse. 

Chase explains to everyone that PCPD are searching the river, but that no body has been found. Jason arrives and Chase questions him, but Jason says to talk to Diane. Jason explains to Michael and Willow what happened to Sonny. Michael offers to contact New Jersey police and throw his Quartermaine weight around to help with the search. Carly cries on Jason's shoulder.