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Perkie's Observations: Jackie and Laura Put Their Heads Together on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Kim Delaney, Genie Francis

Chase and Willow both head to the docks for the Polar Bear Challenge. Chase apologizes for lying about the break up . . . again. Gregory arrives to watch the run and is thrilled to be introduced to "girlfriend" Willow. Chase explains he and Willow are no longer together. 

Finn and Anna discuss his estrangement with Gregory. Finn's worried that telling his father the truth will break up his relationship with Chase. The two head to the Polar Bear Challenge to watch Chase and Willow jump into the freezing water. 

Later, Chase tells his father that he lied to Willow which caused their breakup, but Finn convinced him to tell the truth. Gregory wonders if there's hope for Chase and Willow now that everything's out in the open, but Chase isn't ready to discuss it. Chase wants Willow to join him for coffee and conversation, but she's hesitant. He convinces her and she agrees. 

Cyrus tries to make nice with Laura, but she's having none of it. Cyrus reminds her they are family, but Laura says she'll never forgive him for what happened to Lulu. Cyrus blames Julian, but Laura's not buying that either.

Jackie's in town and meets with Laura. Jackie gives her condolences on Lulu's accident and says she plans on finishing what Lulu started. Laura mentions that Cyrus is her half brother and now he wants a relationship. Jackie says Laura needs to control the narrative 

Jason updates Brando on Sonny's situation and asks what Cyrus knows about it. Jason thinks Cyrus will take advantage of Sonny's absence. 

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Cyrus asks Brando about losing Sonny and Brando reacts with surprise. Brando asks if Cyrus plans on making a move, but Cyrus doesn't trust Brando. Cyrus mentions knowing the truth about Dev. Brando admits he pretended to be Dev's father to help him. Cyrus says Dev was not a legal citizen and anyone close to him could be in trouble. Brando swears he's loyal to Cyrus, who warns him if something happens to him, Dev's information will end up in the Fed's hands. 

Carly dreams that Sonny is home safe and sound, but is upset when she realizes it's not true. Dante runs into Jason and gets an update on Sonny. Jason tells him that Carly isn't handling things well, so the two head over to her. Dante wants to know how Sonny's accident ties into Julian's death. 

Jason explains how they wanted Julian alive to point the finger at Cyrus. Dante worries that Cyrus' men could have Sonny, but Jason doesn't think it's possible. Dante says with Sonny missing, the family is at risk and offers his help. Jason turns him down. 

Laura meets with Dante and warns him to stay away from Cyrus and to focus on Rocco. Laura promises they'll get justice. 

Jason tells Carly he's going to meet with Cyrus, but she doesn't want him to go as she's worried about his safety. 

Laura stops by to offer Carly her reassurances that Sonny will be found. Laura tells her to fight back, something that Cyrus won't see coming. She says Cyrus has something that can be used against him. 

Jason and Cyrus meet.