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Perkie's Observations: Jason and Cyrus Pull Out The Big Guns on General Hospital

Steve Burton, Jeff Kober

Steve Burton, Jeff Kober

A drunk Alexis interrupts Gregory and Finn's conversation about truth telling. Alexis admits she's been drinking and Gregory notices that she's bleeding from a broken glass. Finn takes her to the hospital and offers his condolences on Julian's death. Finn offers to drive her home after bandaging her arm, but she asks him to call Ned. 

Jackie stops by to see Anna and the two discuss what happened with Finn. Jackie figures out that Anna knows she and Finn slept together. Anna says she's not judging Jackie, but her lie caused Finn to cut himself off from the family.

Jackie asks if Anna thinks she should tell Chase and Gregory the truth about the one night with Finn. Anna says it's up to Jackie, but she will support Finn. When Gregory and Finn get home, Jackie mentions that Robert invited her to the wedding and agrees to go. 

Tracy joins Ned and Olivia for lunch, and sings Olivia's praises as a supportive wife. Olivia points out that Tracy hasn't always been her biggest fan. Tracy admits she likes Olivia because she's good for Ned and is glad they're together. 

Ned gets the call from Finn and tells the women he's going to the hospital for Alexis. Olivia offers to go, but Ned assures her she doesn't need to. After he leaves, Olivia continues to feel like she should be helping with Alexis, but Tracy tries to convince her otherwise. 

At the hospital, Ned worries that Alexis will really hurt herself, like when she ran herself off the road. Alexis says she doesn't know what happened that night, but doesn't believe she was driving. She thinks Tracy did something, but has no idea what. 

Laura tells Carly that she is Cyrus' weakness and explains their family connection. Laura mentions that Cyrus' mother is in Vermont and thinks they can capitalize on his vulnerability. Carly listens very carefully to all of the details. 

Cyrus and Jason meet on the docks. Cyrus says with Sonny dead, Jason is now in charge. Cyrus feels Jason will be more reasonable and wants to cooperate with him. Cyrus wants Jason to allow him to land his product while maintaining security on the docks. In exchange, he'll give up 30% of the profit. 

Jason tells Cyrus where to shove his offer, saying Sonny isn't dead. He says he's going to run the business the way Sonny wants while waiting for him to return. Cyrus pulls his gun, then Jason pulls his gun. Brando shows up with his own gun and aims it at on Jason. Carly and two minions show up with their guns. 

Jason disarms Cyrus and Brando. Jason sends Carly and the minions away, and warns Cyrus not to escalate anything or Jason will kill him. 

Cyrus is angry with Brando for not taking out Jason when he had the chance. Cyrus warns that if he ends up dead, the truth about Dev will come out, causing problems for everyone who was involved in his false identity. 

Laura spots Cyrus looking upset and extends an olive branch. Laura says with Sonny missing, she's worried about violence escalating in the city. She wants to keep people safe and asks if Cyrus can help her with that. 

Jason is angry with Carly for putting herself in harm's way at the docks. Carly says she saved him from an ambush and she's not sorry she did it. Jason says he's dealing with Sonny's disappearance and doesn't want to lose Carly either.

Jason says Carly's appearance stopped him from killing Cyrus and now things are going to escalate. Carly says she handled it. 

Cyrus gets a call that someone's grabbed his mother.