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Perkie's Observations: Carly's Sleight of Hand Angers Cyrus on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

Carly tells Jason that she solved the problem, but doesn't elaborate about the problem. Cyrus shows up and demands that Jason tell him where his mother is, which confuses Jason. Cyrus says Sonny would never have kidnapped an elderly woman. Jason orders Cyrus to leave.

After Cyrus leaves, Jason confronts Carly. She says they needed leverage and now they have it. Carly explains Laura's history with Cyrus' father. Then, she tells Jason how she had Florence picked up and moved to a safe house, where Bobbie is now taking care of her. Jason says he doesn't want Carly involved anymore or he'll take Florence back to the facility. Jason says she crossed a line that he would never have. 

Ava and Nikolas head to Charlie's. She sadly talks about Julian and what it's like to be a Jerome. A drunk Alexis shows up and Ava tears a strip off of her. Ava says Alexis broke Julian's heart, but Nikolas manages to calm Ava down.

Alexis realizes that their relationship has changed and mocks their marriage. Alexis compares her toxic relationship with Julian to the NAva marriage, but Nikolas has had enough. Alexis tells them at some point the seduction will be gone and the only thing left between them will be the deception. After Alexis leaves, Nikolas reassures Ava they have a true marriage and not to believe what Alexis told them. He promises they aren't like Julexis. 

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Portia tells Jordan she needs to speak to Taggert before he's released. She wants to fix the damage done to Trina and is still not happy with Jordan's involvement. Jordan says they were trying to protect Trina.

Portia says she had the right to know what was going on. Jordan says she stands behind the decisions she made to keep Taggert safe in custody. Portia brings up Curtis, and hopes he and Jordan can make it work. 

Jax is upset that Joss doesn't want to go to Australia with him. Nina wonders how much danger Joss is in. Jax says he's not sure until they know what happened to Sonny. Nina tries to reassure him, but Jax explains their deal was that Joss would leave if it was dangerous. Jax says he'll take Joss away whether she wants to or not. Nina disagrees saying it would mess up his relationship with Joss. Carly stops by and Jax asks if Joss is in the line of fire. 

Laura asks Martin for leverage against Cyrus, but he's not forthcoming. Martin says all he knows is that Cyrus was cleared of all charges. Laura wonders if Martin is actually working for Cyrus. Martin denies it, but says he owes Cyrus for helping his mother financially. Laura asks Martin not to interfere with any legal proceedings against Cyrus.

Cyrus arrives and tells Martin their mother was taken from the facility. He blames Laura, but she swears she had nothing to do with it. Cyrus mentions that Carly knew about his mother. Martin worries because their mother needs constant care.

Laura promises she'll look into it and get Florence back to them. Laura heads over to talk to Carly, but gets Jason instead.