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Perkie's Observations: Dante's New Boss Keeps Her Pen Handy on General Hospital

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Dante Falconeri, General Hospital

Dominic Zamprogna

Laura accuses Jason of turning her family information into a war. Jason swears he didn't start the war. Laura demands to know where he's hidden Florence, but Jason isn't talking. She says Florence doesn't deserve to be treated this way. 

Laura's upset Jason exploited the information she gave Carly. She calls it an act of brutality and says Sonny would never have done it. Laura says Florence is fragile and can't believe how cruel Jason's been. 

Carly reassures Jax that Joss is fine, but he needs to make sure. Carly promises that Cyrus won't be a problem. Jax says Joss should be her priority. Nina steps in, but Carly snarks out a comment about motherhood. 

After Nina leaves, Jax and Carly discuss Nelle being Nina's daughter. Carly feels she's doing the right thing by not telling Nina the truth. Jax says Carly needs to tell him what she's done to keep Joss safe. He adds that Carly needs to face the reality that Sonny will not return. Carly believes Sonny will be back, but Jax says sooner or later she'll need to face the truth. 

Robert mentions to Maxie he's bringing Jackie to her wedding as his plus one. Maxie gets upset since Jackie reminds her of Lulu. She excuses herself, which allows Peter and Robert to get into it. When Maxie returns, Robert plays nice. He tells Maxie he's looking forward to the wedding and sees her as a daughter. 

Liz offers Dante her condolences on Lulu's condition and thanks him for calling paramedics so quickly the night of the bombing. Dante has an appointment with Kevin, but when he gets there, he finds Liesl instead. 

Liesl says thanks to Dante, she's been exonerated. Dante asks about Dr. Kirk and Liesl says Kirk shared everything with her before his death. Dante refuses to work with Liesl until he gets confirmation from the WSB. Liesl clicks the pen, snapping Dante to attention. Liesl says she's now Dante's handler. Dante tells her that Maxie is pregnant and about to marry Peter. Liesl says she'll call on Dante when she's ready to take the next step against Peter. 

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Franco stops by to see Jason and is surprised when Sam tells him they are no longer together. As Franco leaves, he has an attack, hearing Peter's voice. Sam's concerned, but Franco snaps out of it and claims he just had a migraine. 

Jason arrives to see Danny. Franco tells him his problems won't likely turn him back into the monster he was. Franco says the doctor told him it has to do with the memory transfer. After Franco leaves, Jason warns Sam to stay away from him. 

Valentin is surprised to find out that Martin, Cyrus, and Laura are siblings. Anna interrupts to speak with Valentin. Anna says she's trying to find information on Dante, but the WSB is giving her the runaround.

Nina and Valentin discuss how Lulu's absence is affecting Charlotte. Nina mentions Carly's snarky comment on motherhood and has decided not to keep searching for her daughter. Valentin thinks she's making a mistake and Jax doesn't want her to continue the search for his own selfish reasons. 

Anna mentions her concerns about Dante to Robert. Robert feels Dante is cautiously reentering society. Robert mentions Dante's treatment with Dr. Kirk and how Kevin knows him.

Anna heads to the hospital to see Kevin, but runs into Liz. The two discuss Franco and Liz mentions he went to Geneva to see Dr. Kirk. Anna is surprised to hear that Dr. Kirk was killed. 

Laura tells Martin he has no proof that Jason took Florence. Laura blames herself and apologizes, but still can't believe Jason would do this. Martin is angry, but Laura warns him not to get between Cyrus and Jason. Martin is determined to find his mother and keep her safe. 

Anna runs into Liesl, who is wearing a disguise.