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WATCH: Joy Behar Tells Meghan McCain in Tense Clash: "I Did Not Miss You"


New year, the same things are going on at The View. Tuesday marked the show's second brand-new episode of 2021 and Meghan McCain's return after being on maternity leave for three months. And once again, she and co-host Joy Behar got into a heated dust-up on camera. 

The face-off between the two went on during the show's Hot Topics segment, where the panel was asked if there should be more than two political parties due to the Democrats and Republicans having infighting and perceived split factions. 

Behar remarked,

Let the Republicans fight amongst themselves. On the one hand, you have the Republicans, on the other you have the seditionists. That’s the fight that’s going on in the Republican party right now. In the Democratic party, you have the progressives versus the moderates, which is … what it always is. It’s typical politics. The Republican party is in much more trouble right now.

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McCain interjected and remarked, "Are you kidding me?!" 

McCain began to cite issues Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. McCain stated,

It’s just, that’s completely inaccurate! You have AOC fighting right now about whether she’s going to end up primary-ing Chuck Schumer. Coming out, not saying she has the full support of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. You have the squad that’s coming out very intensely, very angry that [Joe] Biden hasn’t filled out his Cabinet with more progressives. Bernie Sanders also coming out saying he’s angry. The idea that there isn’t fighting within the Democratic Party as well—

Behar fired back she wasn't done speaking and accused McCain of being "completely inaccurate." While the two continued cross talking, McCain sarcastically told Behar the comic missed fighting with her while she was on maternity leave after having her first child, three-month-old Liberty Sage. Behar replied,

I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.

Ouch, Joy, tell her how you really feel. Watch the exchange between the two below, as McCain calls Behar's remarks "nasty."