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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Tells Cyrus to Kick Rocks on General Hospital

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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

Anna doesn't recognize Liesl in disguise and she manages to slip away when Dante shows up. Anna questions Dante about his release from the WSB. Anna says she's concerned about him and believes Dr. Kirk's death wasn't an accident. Dante says he can't do anything about Kirk's death, but he's determined to make PC safe. 

Liesl bumps into Britt, who very quickly recognizes her mother. Liesl shows Britt a letter from the WSB, showing she's been exonerated. She says the evidence against her was fabricated. Britt asks why she's in disguise and Liesl says she needs to stay hidden to save Britt from Peter. 

Liesl says she's collecting proof to use against Peter, but he can't know she's been released and in town. Liesl tells Britt not to underestimate Peter and he'll do anything to protect the family he's created with Maxie. Britt promises to keep Liesl's return a secret and the two share a hug.

Nikolas helps Ava clean out Julian's belongings from the bar. Ava finds a note naming her executor of his estate. Laura joins them and offers her condolences to Ava, then tells Nikolas about Martin and Cyrus. Nikolas is less than thrilled with his new uncles. 

Britt tells Kevin the hospital has done everything they can for Ryan. Kevin calls Laura to join him at the hospital, with Nikolas and Ava. 

Kevin explains that Ryan has Locked-In Syndrome, which is similar to a stroke. Kevin says Ryan can move his eyes and think, but he's trapped within his body. Kevin says Ryan is now considered low risk and will be taken to a minimum security facility. Ava taunts Ryan and digs her nails in his hand, but Ryan doesn't flinch. Ryan is taken away, but smiles as he goes. 

Valentin is worried about Nina and wants Martin to hire a PI to look into Jax. Martin tells him to shove it because he has to rescue his mother. Valentin is not amused, but Martin tears a strip off of him. Valentin offers his help. Martin tells him that Jason has kidnapped Florence. 

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Cyrus goes to Jordan about Jason and tells her to reign him in. Cyrus explains what happened with his mother, but Jordan says Vermont is out of her jurisdiction. She gleefully says there is nothing she can do. Cyrus brings up Taggert's death and resurgence. He accuses her of faking Taggert's death and tells her to immediately find his mother. Jordan finds her backbone and tells Cyrus to find Florence himself.

Cyrus warns Jordan that he'll cause problems for her, but she doesn't care. Jordan says everyone she cares about knows what she did and Taggert will lie to protect her.

Jordan tells Cyrus his leverage on her is gone. Cyrus says his mother is innocent, but Jordan counters that TJ was as well. Jordan rubs it in hard that he's as helpless as she was. 

Anna talks with Kevin about Dr. Kirk and his murder, but wants to know about him. Kevin says Dr. Kirk was a neuropsychiatrist who worked on treating brain diseases and disorders. Kevin adds that he was in the military. Kevin says Kirk was working on ways to condition people. 

Maxie complains to Peter about the shared guest list for the double wedding while shooting the stink eye at Franco and Liz.

Franco complains to Liz about Peter's voice still being in his head and not knowing what to do about it. Franco's not sure if they should attend the wedding, but Liz is determined to go since Violet is her niece. 

Franco talks to Peter about whether or not to attend the wedding. Peter convinces him, since he doesn't have many friends in town. Franco's fine with it and thankful to Peter for saving him from the gunman he believes Liesl hired. Franco mentions to Peter that Drew's memories are coming back. Peter looks worried when Franco says he hears Peter's voice in his head. 

Laura tells Cyrus she doesn't know where his mother is, but she's safe. She tells him not to escalate the situation.