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Perkie's Observations: Lesley Goes Head to Head With Cyrus on General Hospital

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Lesley Webber, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Denise Alexander, Genie Francis

Laura doesn't feel sorry for Cyrus' plight. She reminds him how he's responsible for the bombing at the Floating Rib. The two argue back and forth. Cyrus grabs Laura's arm and Lesley turns up to rip him a new one. (Well hello Denise Alexander!)

Cyrus and Lesley argue back and forth until he brings up Lesley's relationship with his father. Lesley says Gordon was her professor and should have known better. Cyrus claims their affair is what caused them to leave Port Charles. Laura warns Cyrus to back off, but Cyrus tells her to find Florence or her mother could suffer. 

Portia pays Taggert a visit in lockup to tear a strip off of him for making Trina grieve. Taggert says the lie kept Trina alive, even though he'll pay for it legally. Portia wants them to work together to take down Cyrus. 

Jordan summons Jason and Diane to ask what he knows about Cyrus' mother's disappearance. Jason's not talking, but Jordan says if Florence was taken across state lines, the Feds will get involved. Jordan tells Jason not to put her in a position to have to investigate him. 

Peter tries to reach out to Dr. Cabot after his talk with Franco. Peter runs into Sam and gets annoyed with her. Sam plays nice, claiming she's happy with Peter marrying Maxie.

Later, Peter heads to the hospital to try and reach Andre.
Sam spots Dante keeping an eye on Peter and questions him. Sam wants him to let her know if he finds out anything of interest. Dante offers Sam condolences on Julian's death, but she's glad the world is rid of him. (Shut up Sam!)

Dante mentions how Julian's death will affect Leo and that Ned is planning on adopting him. Sam says they need to step it up for their baby brother. The two talk about and toast Sonny.

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Sasha stops in to see Carly to apologize. She says she started therapy and realizes how Carly tried to help her, and now appreciates it. Carly says she's indebted to Sasha for her sacrifice. 

Michael gets the news that the search for Sonny has been downgraded. He lets Willow know, then heads over to tell Carly. Carly is determined to hang onto the idea that Sonny is alive and well. 

Sasha offers Michael her condolences and he asks her to keep him company. Michael worries that Carly isn't facing the reality of the situation. Sasha reassures Michael and the two share a hug. 

Chase runs into Dante and offers his condolences for Lulu.

Willow meets Chase for lunch and the two make small talk until Willow questions why. Chase asks if she misses him and says he loves her. The two share a Covid kiss. Willow pulls back and reminds him that she's married. 

Jordan tells Taggert about Sonny's accident and how he's been presumed dead. 

Jason has an update for Carly, but she doesn't want to hear it. He says Sonny's body was not found in the wreckage of the bridge, but his St. Christopher's medal was found. Jason says Sonny was pinned and dragged down the river. Carly collapses, crying in Jason's arms.

Sonny's body is seen, lying in the woods.