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Perkie's Observations: Casa Corinthos Fills Up to Support Carly on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

People head to the Corinthos compound to help support the grief stricken. Sam talks to Dante about wasted time, while Sasha talks to Michael about Carly and how she's managing. Carly raises a toast to Sonny. 

Ned comforts Olivia when she hears that Sonny is presumed dead. Willow mentions she's heading to the Corinthos compound and Olivia leaves with her. Ned and Tracy talk about his night with Alexis and worries about her, but Tracy says Alexis won't be talking. 

Brando summons Jason. He's still angry with him for not letting him take out Cyrus and bringing Carly into it. Brando explains that Cyrus knows the truth about Dev and everyone will be implicated. Jason warns Brando not to involve Carly again. 

Molly apologizes to TJ, again, for sleeping with Brando. Molly wants to move past the lies and go back to what they had, but TJ says what they had was a problem. Molly swears she's not bored with TJ and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She wants them to go ahead with the commitment ceremony, but TJ disagrees. TJ says they need to figure things out first, but he still cares about her. The two share a steamy shower. 

Brando finds Sasha on her way to a meeting. Sasha questions why Brando is working for Cyrus, but he dismisses her question. When Brando asks about her counseling sessions, Sasha admits they're helping her.

Brando runs into TJ, who punches Brando in the face. 

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Finn tries to convince Alexis that she needs help and a meeting. Alexis says she drinks to feel good and she can manage it. Finn asks about running her car off the road, but she has no answers. 

Chase tells Finn that he and Willow kissed, which made things worse. Chase says he's glad he was honest with her about his feelings. 

Olivia and Willow arrive at the compound and offer their condolences. Sam talks to Jason. Willow checks in on Michael, who talks about Carly pushing away her grief to reassure everyone else. 

Alexis gets to the compound and Sam immediately snarks her out. Alexis talks to Olivia and mentions the DA offered her a deal to complete rehab with a suspended five year sentence. Olivia asks why she turned it down and Alexis feels there was something off about that night. 

Jason tells Carly that Cyrus knows the truth about Dev. Carly says Cyrus can't have any evidence, but Jason says the Feds will come after them anyway. Jason says they can't kill Cyrus. 

Carly and Jason discuss the business. Jason mentions that the US holdings have to stay clean and are never mixed with the offshore holdings. Carly worries that the other families will now try to take over the waterfront with Sonny gone. Carly says she needs to know everything now, though Jason doesn't want her involved. 

Sonny comes to and sees Ghost Mike, who tells him to fight.

A random passerby finds him and wonders why he's out in the cold, but Sonny has no idea. (Sonny looks awfully spry and clean shaven for someone who's been half dead and for a week.)