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WATCH: The View's Sunny Hostin Shares Both of Husband's Parents Died of COVID

Sunny Hostin, The View

Sunny Hostin recently opened up about a personal tragedy. On the Jan. 8 episode of The View, the senior legal correspondent for ABC News shared that both of her in-laws died of COVID-19 within three days of one another.

Hostin noted that her husband, surgeon Emmanuel "Manny" Hostin, is a private man. But he gave her the go-ahead to discuss the news for a very specific purpose. 

Hostin explained:

Although I’ve chosen a very public career, as most of you know, those of you that know my husband, Manny, know that he is intensely private. But after speaking with him, he felt that from a public health standpoint, that it was very important for me to share that we are deeply saddened that Manny lost both of his parents over the holidays.

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Dr. A. Emmanuel passed on Dec. 28, aged 83, while his wife, Dr. Maria Jesus, died Jan. 1, aged 78. Hostin shared that both of her in-laws were very careful about COVID-19 regulations, even skipping Thanksgiving for that reason. She added:

After a lot of contact tracing, we still don’t know how they contracted this virus and this disease.

She and her husband were able to video-chat with Manny's parents before they died. She expressed her gratitude to co-hosts past and present and friends for their well wishes and gifts, as well as the doctors who treated her family.

Watch the sad announcement below.