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Lucas Adams Dishes Tripp's Truth Turn-Around on Days of Our Lives

Lucas Adams

Days of Our Lives' Lucas Adams (Tripp) is about to experience a turn-around. Not only will he discover that he has a half-brother, Charlie (Mike Manning), but he'll also find out that Charlie is the one who raped Allie (Lindsay Arnold) and fathered baby Henry! 

Tripp's exoneration will change some of his relationships in Salem, Adams told Soap Hub. Of the sudden news, Adams dished:

First off, it’s like the entire world being lifted off his shoulders. That’s a huge thing. Also, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is a huge part of Tripp’s world. She’s been like his mom for the past few years. So he’s happy to show her that he’s not this monster that she believed him to be.

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Tripp will eventually confront Charlie over his newfound sibling's crimes. Adams teased:

Those scenes were a lot of fun to film… We really got to let loose and go after each other. Tripp’s angry with Charlie because he let him take the wrap [sic] for this the whole time. That’s something that Tripp is extremely upset about.

But will Tripp be able to redeem himself? The actor discussed:

I really think Tripp is going to try to leave this whole thing behind him, focus back on where he was, and try to bridge the relationships back with the people he kind of lost over the last few months. He’s going to try and reconcile with a lot of people, tell them, ‘Hey, it’s cool. I want to be back in everyone’s lives, back in everyone’s families.'