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Perkie's Observations: Trina Is Not Forgiving of Her Daddy on General Hospital

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Trina Robinson, General Hospital

Sydney Mikayla

Ava and Nikolas stop by the compound to drop off Avery and offer their condolences. Ava brings up the visitation agreement, and as her mother believes Avery should live full time with her. Carly says the compound is Avery's home and she belongs there. Carly's upset that Ava would use this moment for a custody power play and appeals to Nikolas.

Nikolas says he checked the custody agreement which shows Carly is a stepparent and doesn't have a legal claim to Avery. Ava says she doesn't want to take Avery away, but wants to decide the terms of a new agreement. 

Carly continues to push Nikolas, who points out he's there to help Ava raise Avery. Carly doesn't believe they'll stay married. However Nikolas is firm he won't let Carly take Avery and mentions Carly's attempt to keep Spencer. Carly counters that Nikolas let Spencer grieve for his death and he doesn't deserve to raise Avery. Nikolas says he has as much right since he's Avery's stepfather.

Carly complains to Jax that Ava now has full custody and will take Avery back to Wyndemere. Carly says Sonny wouldn't have allowed it to happen. 

Jax checks in on Joss, who's overwhelmed by the recent number of deaths in her life. Jax then asks Trina about Taggert, but she's still angry with her father. Jax sees Taggert's side of it since he protected Trina and tells her not to waste the time she has on anger. Jax talks with Joss about going to Australia, but Joss says she needs to stay and be with Carly. Jax says he'll allow it for now, but if things escalate the issue will change. 

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Ava checks in with Trina, who complains that Taggert didn't tell her he was alive. Ava says Trina wouldn't have been able to keep up the lie, which would have put them all in danger. 

Portia complains to Curtis that Trina refuses to visit Taggert at the PCPD. The two hear the fight between TJ and Brando, and Curtis pulls TJ back. TJ says he's angry at Brando, but also at his mother. 

Curtis admits he's mad at Jordan as well. TJ is angry that Jordan lied to Molly, which caused her to sleep with Brando. Curtis defends Jordan's decision to lie to Molly in order to protect TJ from Cyrus. 

When Molly gets to the hospital, Brando tears a strip off of her for not giving him a heads up about TJ. Molly confronts TJ, who says Brando should have told him the truth. Molly admits that she asked Brando to keep quiet. 

Maxie and Sasha ask Nina for a cover story about Sasha's overdose to get ahead of the story. Nina says Maxie is throwing Sasha to the wolves in order to save her brand. Sasha fights for herself and says she needs to step up and do things right. Nina says Sasha has suffered enough and won't do the article. 

Sonny meets Eddie ( who's the hiker he has no memory from before waking up). Eddie offers to take him to the hospital, but they're stopped by police for speeding. Sonny tells the officer he's hurt and has no memory of who or where he is. The officer escorts them to a hospital.