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Perkie's Observations: Sonny's Turf Is Up for Grabs on General Hospital

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Sonny Corinthos, General Hospital

Maurice Benard

Laura updates Curtis on her connection to Cyrus’ mother. Laura also mentions that she’s missing. Curtis offers to search for Florence.

The two discuss Sonny's "death" and what that means. Laura admits she's worried about the city and anyone who wants to take Sonny's territory.

Laura asks about Jordan, but Curtis tells her things are not good between them. Laura suggests counseling and tells him not to give up on his marriage.

Sasha overhears when Cyrus confronts Sam about his mother's whereabouts. Sam says she knows nothing about Jason's business and warns Cyrus to leave her out of any business issue.

After Sam leaves, Sasha confronts Cyrus about the bad drugs she took and snipes about his missing mother. Cyrus accuses her of kicking him while he's down and says he's always done what's best for his mother. He wonders why Sasha can't find any compassion. Sasha says it's not Jason's style to grab Cyrus' mother, something that she believes Cyrus is capable of.

Brando breaks up their argument. Cyrus tells Brando about his missing mother and wants Brando to get information from Jason and the gang. Brando then tears a strip off of Sasha for poking the bear and confronting Cyrus.

Brick meets with Jason to discuss what needs to be done now. Brick mentions the Five Families and how the Novaks want to start using Port Charles to run their product.

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Brick offers Jason help in dealing with the issue. When they get to the warehouse, they find dead bodies . . . someone got to them first. Later, Brick and Jason figure someone who didn't want the product in Sonny's territory got rid of the problem for them.

Sonny's in the hospital waiting for test results. Lo and behold, his nurse is Phyllis Caulfield. (Wow, what are the odds?) (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but at no time did they mention which hospital, in what city.)

Phyllis says she checked with local authorities, but no one has marked him as missing. Sonny says he can't seem to access his memories. She reassures Sonny that his memories will come back in time and not to push it.

Phyllis mentions Sonny's watch, and he removes it and finds an inscription on the back: "Mike, not enough time. Love A."

Alexis gets home and finds a package from Ava. It’s something Julian left behind. It turns out to be a photo album, but Alexis prefers the company of her vodka bottle. Alexis cuts up the photos of Julian. 

Olivia tells Sam she's concerned about Alexis, and Sam is quick to be her usual bitchy self about her mother. Olivia chastises Sam as Alexis needs someone on her side right now. Olivia says Alexis swears she wasn't behind the wheel that night, but Sam reminds her that Alexis is a drunk. Olivia thinks something is off about the accident and Tracy.

The two head over to Alexis', but she's not interested in anything Sam has to say. Sam pushes, so Alexis lets them in. She spots the ripped up photos and Alexis says she feels Julian will haunt her for the rest of her life. 

Sam questions Alexis' ability to turn off her new security system on the night Tracy drove her home. Alexis says she has no memory of being home with Tracy. Alexis swears she didn't drive drunk that night.

Sam tells Olivia that she's going to check out the new security system to see if Tracy was there like she claims.