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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Olivia Conspire to Derail Tracy on General Hospital

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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

Tracy pays Finn a visit. He tells her about the double wedding, and his issues with his father and Jackie. Finn explains his family history and the things he should have done differently. Finn thinks he should unburden himself, but Tracy disagrees.

Sam tells Olivia she needs to check with the alarm company to see if it was turned off the night of the accident, which would prove whether or not Tracy was telling the truth.

Olivia stops Alexis from burning her photo album of Julian.

Sam calls the security company and tells Olivia the system was set earlier in the evening when Alexis left and was not disarmed again until days later. The two realize that Tracy lied, but Olivia wonders why. 

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Sam thinks they should ask Tracy why she did it, but Olivia disagrees. Tracy shows up claiming to be concerned about Alexis. Tracy seems surprised when Sam mentions the security system, which confirms to Sam and Olivia that Tracy lied. 

Cyrus wants to raise a glass in Sonny's honor, but Brick and Jason aren't interested. Cyrus thinks they need to join together to prevent anyone else from trying to horn in on Sonny's territory. 

Cyrus complains . . . again . . .  that his mother is missing. Brick mentions to him that the Novaks were found dead. Cyrus denies doing it, though points out it was a goodwill gesture and wants Jason to return the favor. 

Chase offers his condolences to Michael and warns him of the possible danger. He brings up what happened at the warehouse, but doesn't give Michael any details. Michael asks about the dinner with Willow. Chase says it felt good to be with Willow, but knows she's married. 

Sasha tells Willow she's in drug counseling and apologizes for comforting Michael the night the search for Sonny was called off. Willow says Michael needs someone right now, then Sasha questions Willow's marriage. Willow admits that when she's with Chase all of her feelings come back, just like with Sasha for Michael. Sasha realizes that Willow has feelings for both men and says she needs to tell Michael.

Phyllis arranges for Sonny to see a neurologist. Lenny's hostile because Sonny claims he can't remember anything. Meanwhile, an armed man tries to rob the place.