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Perkie's Observations: Ava Receives a Clue to Carly's Secret on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, General Hospital

The thug insists Lenny open the cash box, but Sonny gets angry and yells at him to leave. Sonny and the thug fight, and Sonny gets the upper hand and the gun. (Of course, I mean, why would a healthy looking 30 something win in a fight against a 50 year old, suffering from hypothermia and other minor injuries? Sure.)

Sonny yells at the thug to leave and he does. Phyllis is grateful to Sonny, though Lenny's a little surprised at how well Sonny handled the gun. Phyllis offers Sonny a job and a place to stay above the bar.

Willow thinks it's time for her and Michael to figure out their relationship. Michael mentions that he knows she and Chase kissed the night before. Willow apologizes, but Michael says their marriage was always an arrangement. He says he understands that Willow still wants to be with Chase. 

Michael says he still has feelings for Sasha (but he says it like he's talking about a turtle he just found on the side of the road.) Willow wonders about their feelings for each other. Michael says he cares about her more than just friends, but feels it's best if they move past things. He thinks they should sign the annulment papers. 

Ned questions Tracy on her whereabouts. She admits she was checking on Alexis, which surprises Ned. Tracy says she's concerned about Alexis' drinking. Tracy adds that Olivia and Sam were at the house as well. 

Joss feels overwhelmed at the number of losses she's recently experienced. (Hey Joss, remember that time your mother wondered how you felt about this chosen life, and you were all 'cool beans'? Well that's what it meant, unnecessary deaths.)

Joss thinks she should start using her journal again, and Cameron is surprised that she didn't throw it away. Joss returns a few minutes later, saying the journal isn't there.

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Later, Trina asks Cameron about Joss' journal. Cameron says Dev stole it, but doesn't want Joss to know the truth. He feels that it would hurt Joss' feelings and her good thoughts about Dev. 

Ava drops by Nina's to complain about Carly trying to keep Avery. Ava asks Nina to go to bat for her and get Carly to back off. Nina doesn't want Jax to be put in the middle, which would annoy Carly more. 

Nina tells Ava she's ending the search for her daughter, but Ava wonders if that's really what Nina wants. Nina says it's her decision and Jax backs her up. 

Ava stops in to see Joss and tells her she can continue a relationship with Avery. Ava mentions Avery's necklace, but Joss isn't familiar with it. Joss checks Carly's jewelry box and finds the necklace. Joss hesitates before giving Ava the necklace because she's upset about Ava's part in Morgan's death. 

Jax is surprised to find Carly at work, but she says she can't stay home and grieve. Carly's not ready to have a memorial service and says a person needs to be for missing three years before legally being declared dead. 

Carly says declaring Sonny dead feels like she's giving up. She tells Jax that she feels like this is karma for Nelle. Jax doesn't see it that way and wonders if Carly is having second thoughts about not telling Nina about Nelle. 

Jax wonders if he's as bad as Valentin because he's keeping the truth from Nina. Carly believes there are sometimes secrets in a relationship (sure, like how much you really paid for those shoes, not that I watched as your girlfriend's daughter fall off a cliff to her death.)

Olivia talks to Robert about Alexis and Tracy. Olivia wants his help to prove Tracy set up Alexis. Robert says she'll need to trip up Tracy to admit it. He tells her to butter Tracy up and get her to do Olivia a favor. Robert says once Tracy's defenses are lowered, Olivia should bring up the issue with Alexis, then catch her in a lie. 

Later, at the mansion, Olivia compliments Tracy on her blouse, then asks Tracy to witness the signing of Leo's adoption papers. Tracy agrees. Olivia brings up Alexis and says if Alexis hadn't been sober enough to shut off the house alarm, the police would have shown up. Tracy takes the bait and says she wishes she hadn't let Alexis disarm the alarm. Tracy feels Olivia is pushing, so Olivia asks point blank what happened the night of Alexis' accident.