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Perkie's Observations: Olivia Catches Onto Ned's Lie on General Hospital

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Olivia Falconeri, General Hospital

Lisa LoCicero

Nina talks to Jax about Joss and being part of the family, but backtracks. Jax declares his love to Nina, which surprises her. Nina's worried this might change things between them. Nina tells Jax she also loves him.

Britt updates Jason on Cyrus' new drug and how well it works. Jason thinks she's giving the drugs to patients, but Britt argues that she hasn't. Britt insists she's not like her parents. 

Sam overhears Liz on the phone discussing Franco's tumor and confronts her. Sam says everyone could be in danger, but Liz swears it's not like before. Liz says he doesn't have violent tendencies, but admits the tumor is inoperable. She says it's only a matter of time. Sam tells Liz that Franco showed up at her apartment and had a migraine. Sam adds that Jason warned her to be careful.

Franco hands Cameron a letter from Stanford that came in the mail. Cameron admits he didn't tell anyone he applied early. The letter is a congratulatory one, with Stanford accepting Cameron. Franco's thrilled though Cameron's not certain he'll go. 

Franco hears Peter's voice tell him to "be Drew Cain" and calls Liesl to update her. Liz gets home and accuses Franco of lying to her. 

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Valentin checks in on Alexis and brings Martin with him to help with her DUI case. Alexis says she's defending herself, but Martin wants to help her win. Martin says she has to convince the judge she gave her keys to Tracy that night. Martin says Tracy's negligence allowed Alexis to drive off on her own. 

Olivia insists Tracy tell her what happened the night of the car accident. Tracy claims that Alexis bad mouthed Olivia and her marriage. Tracy claims Alexis wants Ned and will convince him to dump Olivia. Olivia believes Tracy, but keeps pushing because she believes there's more to Tracy's story. 

Olivia brings up the alarm system. She claims it shows Alexis didn't turn it off. Olivia accuses Tracy of being the driver the night of the accident. Olivia doesn't know what Tracy has to gain by framing Alexis. Tracy says she did it for Olivia.

Sam shows up at the mansion for Leo's adoption celebration and tries to make nice with Tracy. Tracy's not happy with Sam for selling her shares to Valentin.

Something Tracy says triggers Olivia to remember previous conversations with Alexis and Ned, including one about being faithful.

Olivia puts two and two together and comes to the right conclusion. (Ned's in deep doo doo now!! Also, I think Olivia should be solving every crime in town. She has more brain cells than Sam, Spinelli, Jordan, and the rest of the PCPD put together!)