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Perkie's Observations: Tracy's Chickens Come Home to Roost on General Hospital

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Tracy Quartermaine, General Hospital

Jane Elliot

Liz questions Franco about his meetings with Jason and is shocked to find out that Franco asked Jason to kill him. Franco says it was his decision, but Liz says they should have made the decision together. Liz says she wants to spend as much time as she can with him and he's throwing it away. Franco says he doesn't want to die, so Liz says she's putting an end to this.

Maxie and Peter meet with Dante, and ask his permission to name the baby after Lulu. Dante thinks it's a lovely idea. After Peter leaves, Dante and Maxie discuss their kids. Dante's concerned with Rocco and his anger over Dante's absence.

Maxie complains about Dante's lack of friendliness towards Peter. Dante praises Maxie for her resilience after everything she's been through. Dante says it's hard to see her with anyone other than Nathan, but promises to be nicer to Peter.

Jason warns Britt that Peter will turn on her. Britt agrees to hear him out, so Jason tells her Peter's history. Jason says Peter is responsible for everything and Liesl is taking the fall. Jason's worried that Maxie will pay the price as well. 

Jason says he wants to stop Peter, and asks if Britt will see the truth or what she wants to see. Peter shows up and Jason leaves.

Peter asks Britt to log into the hospital system to get information for The Invader. Britt logs in and leaves the room, but comes back almost immediately because she changed her mind. Peter had enough time to copy over a file. Britt checks the history and sees that Peter accessed Franco's file. 

Anna asks Kevin for help and mentions her concerns about Dante. She thinks the WSB is using him while disregarding his mental health. Anna brings up Dr. Kirk and tells Kevin she doesn't believe his death was an accident.

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Kevin contacts someone and gets a list of Dr. Kirk's patients, which include Dante. It turns out Dante's file is mainly redacted, which Anna says confirms her suspicions. Anna also finds a file on Liesl. 

Alexis calls Finn over, and lets him know about her meeting with Valentin and Martin. Alexis swears she wasn't driving that night and Tracy is lying about it. Alexis remembers talking to Tracy that night and thinks Tracy was trying to stop her from talking to Olivia. Finn offers to drive Alexis to the Quartermaines. 

Olivia confronts Ned, demanding to know what happened between him and Alexis. Tracy tries to defuse things, but Olivia is insistent. Ned admits the truth about sleeping with Alexis. Ned says it was one night when he got drunk with her. Sam is not happy to hear that Ned was drinking with her mother. 

Olivia accuses Ned of not trusting her and says he's incapable of trust. Alexis arrives to confront Tracy. Sam sticks up for Alexis, explaining to Ned that Tracy set everything up. Sam says she has proof and explains about the security system.

Tracy admits her part in what happened and says she did it to get Alexis into rehab. Alexis calls her out on it and claims Tracy wanted her away from Olivia and Ned.

Sam apologizes to Alexis for doubting her. 

Ned wants a chat with his mother.

Olivia and Alexis agree to talk.

Liz tracks down Jason and confronts him.