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The Young and the Restless' Mishael Morgan Talks "Heartbreaking" Scenes


The Young and the RestlessMishael Morgan (Amanda) delivered knockout performances recently. Her character discovered her birth mother, Naya (Ptosha Storey), did not regret her decision to give her up.  Morgan opened up to Michael Fairman TV about filming those emotional scenes.

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What was going through Amanda's mind as she heard Naya's words? Morgan explained:

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I think for her, it was heartbreaking to hear that if Naya could go back and do it all over again, she would have made the same choices, and also knowing that those choices really impacted Amanda’s life in an incredible way. I don’t think that all of it has come out yet. I think a lot of the pain and hurt that she had to go through as a child, and the loneliness that she had to go through as a child, and hearing from a mother that she would put you back in that situation because it was more comfortable for her, and the level of selfishness is hard to take.

Morgan tapped into some of her own family history to portray these feelings. Of Amanda, she said:

No, and she was never chosen, and I think that’s an interesting thing that you said because she was never chosen, and I then even to this day, as a grown woman, she still isn’t chosen, and that I think is heartbreaking. It’s an interesting thing because I do happen to have a bit of a personal experience with this. My father wasn’t in the foster system, but he was raised… kind of farmed out to two aunts as a young child and didn’t really get to have a relationship with his parents until he was older, and with his mother, until he was in his 20s. So, it was so fascinating watching my father. 

Meanwhile, Naya's younger daughter, Imani (Leigh-Ann Rose), might have some interesting thoughts on her new sibling. Moreover, Amanda did lose her sister Hilary without even knowing her, but how does she feel towards Imani? Morgan dished:

She’s just irritated by Imani because she basically got to live the life that Amanda should have had essentially. To watch her be up on her high horse to Amanda, it’s laughable because the amount of hoops and obstacles that Amanda has had to go through to get to where she is standing today, somebody like Imani is just a complete joke to her! In Amanda’s mind, she is who she is just because of the opportunities that she was given and because of the family that she was born into. It was complete luck, and it had nothing to do with hard work.