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Perkie's Observations: Liz Scorches Jason's Earth on General Hospital

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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Alexis apologizes to Olivia for sleeping with Ned and admits it was a mistake. Olivia doesn't make it easy on Alexis and accuses Alexis of pretending to be her friend. Olivia says Alexis is only showing regret now that she's been caught. Alexis apologizes for ruining their friendship. 

Ned says Tracy could be arrested for lying about Alexis' accident. Tracy says she was trying to salvage Ned's marriage. Ned says he didn't ask Tracy to come back to help him. 

Ned tries to apologize to Olivia, but she says he assumed the worst of her and had revenge sex. Olivia starts to question her role in the Quartermaine family. Ned begs her not to give up on them and promises to wait for her. 

Alexis confronts Tracy, who claims she did it to save her. Tracy said she thought Alexis would hit bottom, go to rehab, and quit drinking. She says Alexis will hurt someone if she doesn't stop. 

Liz accuses Jason of being thrilled that Franco asked him to kill him. Jason says Franco came to him, but Liz asks what his criteria is to go ahead and do it. Jason says he'll know if Franco becomes a threat and wonders if Liz will. 

Liz says she doesn't need protection from Franco and can't believe Jason would consider killing him. Liz says Franco has been good to her boys, and thinks Jason is jealous of Franco's life with Jake. Jason says that life was pre-tumor and it doesn't exist anymore. 

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Liz says Franco isn't dangerous and he may be able to get treatment. She says Jason is dangerous to her family and warns him that he'll be sorry if anything happens to Franco.

Joss finds Carly crying and comforts her. Joss mentions being upset over Avery's absence and mentions Ava stopping by. Joss says she gave Ava the necklace.

Phyllis feels Sonny is working too hard, and needs to slow down and rest. Sonny has ideas on how they can run the bar better, which doesn't sit well with Lenny. Sonny gets all hyper, cleaning and offering suggestions. Lenny gets tired of it and tells him to knock it off or get out. 

Franco summons Scotty and asks him to represent him after his death. Franco admits things are getting worse and he's hearing Peter's voice in his head more often. Franco tells Scotty that he asked Jason to kill him if things got bad. Franco wants a document drawn up to exonerate Jason.

Nina updates Curtis on how Phyllis gave her daughter away to a good family. Curtis offers to look for her child, but Nina says she's giving up the search. 

Carly summons Jax and tells her that Ava has the necklace. Jax is tired of all the secrets, but Carly says Nina will come after them if she finds out that Nelle was her daughter. Carly wants Jax to get the necklace back. He thinks he should tell Nina the truth, but Carly asks for more time.

Curtis is surprised that Jax ran when Carly said jump, but Nina reassures him she's fine with Jax's relationship with his ex. Nina's not concerned since Jax told her that he loves her. Curtis is certain that Jax won't be dishonest like Valentin was. Nina admits to Curtis she hasn't given up on the idea of finding her daughter. 

When Liz gets home, she tells Franco if Jason comes for him, he'll have to go through her.